The Symbol of Courage

Dr Sumayya Baloch

The twentieth century is the century of national awakening of people from east, their movements of freedom and resistance

Where history mentions the hard Work and Sacrifices of hundreds of youth like bhagat singh but not bother to discuss about man of COURAGE nor he had been introduced in our books as a national hero.

Indeed, his actions does not require appreciation of the any usual book but by not mentioning his character is injustice to ourselves.

“Alliance for Baloch and Balochistan “a secret organization, which was started in 1920 Led by Yousuf Aziz Magsi till 1935.

Yousuf Aziz Magsi wrote an Essay ” the lament Of Balochistan” when British colonialism intensified oppression in the state of Kalat and its associated territories, benefiting from the destruction of the Ottoman caliphate Due to which he was imprisoned for one year

 .Indeed, Yousuf Aziz magsi was born in a house Of Nawab Qaisar chief of Magsi tribe

But while presiding over the alliance party end of tribal System & nbsp; was above among all the agendas and the conferences held in Jacobabad and Hyderabad and the resolution was viewed and Accepted included the end of Baloch patriarchal system

You started the national press of Balochistan with your financial resources

Although Yousuf Aziz magsi was against the Hereditary patriarchy system in Balochistan established by British government But he didn’t aimed to fight against one class,( that against the chiefs)His war was for the survival of Baloch and against the exploitation of the Baloch nation.

Yusuf Aziz magsi is considered the founder of modern Baloch nationalism, He wanted to join the scattered pieces of Balochistan which has added to other countries through some agreements made by British. He wanted the inclusion of Dera Jath and Jacobabad in education in Balochistan, the establishment of new schools and colleges were included in his demands.To promote his purpose, he established a school in Jhal magsi town, by name of “jamia Aziz” where students were provided with free education , uniform and food.

After deep studying of imperialism and patriarchism Yusuf Aziz magsi reached this conclusion that without social revolution, political freedom will be meaningless that’s why he raised the slogan of economic equality and colonial rivalry.

In 1934 you were forced to leave for London and your News Paper that was “modern Balochistan”Got confiscated So that you could not further aware the baloch nation about the truth and their rights but another newspaper “young balochistan”third newspaper was released on your demand.

You challenged the oppression of British colonialism in these words “In such dictatorship there is no other option that by putting flag of Balochistan at Border areas of Balochistan Under its old historical baloch traditions, Baluchi lashkar (Baloch Army) should be called to attack on furangi  (british) colonialism.