Covid-19 and the state of Pakistan.

Saad Baloch

There is no doubt that if this global epidemic spread throughout the world it absolutely brings unexpected destruction in which our generation may be suffered because Pakistan isn’t in a position to control it, due to the chaos of coronavirus the scientists are researching the vaccines and the expected results of their trials where as in Pakistan the religious fundamentalists are engage in accusations on different sects and creeds some says that this has happened because of shia-sect another claim that the collective sermons of sunni’s are responsible for spreading the virus.

This virus is a epidemic and a biggest threat to the after world war2 more than 190 countries are suffering ruthlessly approximately 9,50,000 people affected and death rise upto 48,000 most cases are in Italyand spain and now USA is going to be the third most affected country by this virus while “the world health organisation warned that the case will be rise upto 1 million and the death rise around 50,000, furthermore they said that Pakistan will face 20 million case in June if they won’t prevent it before” this report seems that the world will face a biggest catastrophe and no one could be able to save themselves and their nation except eliminating or making a vaccine to prevent the people’s from this global panic, first we should have to understand that this epidemic isn’t a issue of one sect or creed but for the whole human beings in the world.

If we look at pakistan health care system we seems nothing except claims and accusations, Pakistan is highly vulnerable country from the coronavirus. Pakistan is a country of 240 million people it is ranked 144 out of 187 spending only 0.47 percent from the GDP which is very least ratio from the rest of the world, according to gallup survey of Pakistan report third quarter of health services in Pakistan provided by private sectors hospitals. Moreover there is only 187,641 recognised doctors for the 240 million peoples, there is only one bed for 1681 patients, in contrast the neighbouring country of Pakistan know as Afghanistan which is spending 8.2 percents of it’s GDP on health care system, other astonishing thing is that since 1947 till today pakistan has deprived from any health care policy.

Around 98000 drugs companies are registered in Pakistan without having any authentic international certification, there are only 2000 ventilators in public sector hospitals merely 1000 has been working properly, most people in Pakistan still have a same illusion that government should easily overcome from this epidemic but it quite suitable on the paper or an assertive statement not in reality or practical ground unfortunately the government of Pakistan and the citizens aren’t taking this complicated issue seriously which can cause many deaths in the world.