Colonial mindset and Baloch’s responsibility

Qamber Qambrani

The inhuman act is strongly condemn able that took place in Danuk area of ​​Turbat in which an innocent Bramsh leaving her injured  and her mother Malik Naz was shot dead by some robbers during a robbery.

 People all over Balochistan have come on roads and demand justice for Bramsh but I do not think we Balochs get justice because colonial mentality is on its peak but struggle can pave the way. We Balochs are not safe at anywhere. Those who separate her mother from this calf will never be forgiven. The concerned authorities may back up the death squads and the mafias because they do not want the people to speak out and protest. Insects will be inferior to insects. For the same reason, crushing them is not newsworthy in any way.

A few days ago, protests were staged in Gwadar and Kech and now in Buleda and other areas of Balochistan to ask justice for Burmash. In this regard, the protesters were disturbed if these people speak against the killers and thugs. It is as clear as day that in the meetings held under you, these same people will appear in the front seat and this has always been the policy line of the concerned authorities.

This is what people in Balochistan experience all these indicators and see their basic rights in the form of mafias, death squads, the elimination of which should be the main axis of today’s Baloch politics and society. As in the recent past, the involvement of the Mafia has been interpreted as an electoral victory. When the same question was asked during a meeting with a former leaders of the all parties. And all parties’ condition was alarming and somehow the mafia’s entry into politics was possible because of them and on the other hand the state patronage also gave them stability, but today they decide. It is responsibility of the people and sincere political activists to speak out and protest in order to formulate a clear policy.