Resistance is the culture of Balochistan

Assad Baloch
Translated by: Asghar Ali

It has been several years the people of Balochistan had been kept silence on human rights violations, cruelty and oppressions, but all of sudden it exploded with a routine incident. On the second day of Eid an incident occurred in district Kech of Dannuk village which is 12 kilometer far from the Turbat city. It was not more than a routine incident.
Though, the people of Balochistan had been living in the state of suffocation for several years, as if they were waiting to break their silence and awaited for something to happen for their catharsis.

In Dannuk incident, the state sponsored criminal group that broke into a house with the intention of robbery, where they were resisted by a woman, Malik Naz from the tribe of Bibi Banadi, and she embraced martyrdom. She left unmask the real face of the state.
After this the movement got momentum which apparently give the impression of providing justice to four years old Bramsh, but in reality it is a link in continuation of the long-established traditional struggle of Balochistan. Truely, the tragedy of Dannuk took Balochistan back to the path of its traditional struggle.

In the tragedy of Dannuk, people demonstrated courage and rounded up one of the robbers. Later on, the police arrested two other accomplice and confiscated the weapons that were used in the crime scene, a car and motorcycle. The arrested robbers of this incident, do not only president themselves as the proxy of the security forces, but also identified the head of their group. In Balochistan, state backed proxy organizations that are active in the name of Death Squads which have given free hand to commit any crime without restraint. Prior to this incident, these groups were involved in robbery and other crimes in different areas of Balochistan including Turbat.

Bramsh is a unique Balochi name which means the sound of footfall or ray of light that can be seen from a distance that helps in guiding directions to the lost travelers in the dark. As if Bramsh was doing justice with her name; her voice and light can be heard and seen at the every knock and corner of Balochistan. Possibly, when the parents of Bramsh named her, they had no such clue but sometimes nature connects things with incidents, same things happened with Bramsh.The nature was akin to her name, and made her ray of light for the strangling Baloch society.

Protest and rallies are going on across Balochistan, Karachi and even in Lahore. Initially, this series of demonstrations set off from the coastal city of Gwadar expanded to those quarters, where even the sensitive problems of Balochistan failed to break the silence.

By the matter of fact, these intensive protests providing justice for Bramsh are not the reaction of a single incident, but it is the continuation of a Baloch national struggle, and this is the outcome of a decade long silent, where the state employed force in trying to establish its writ by suppressing the voice of Baloch nation. So far, throughout Balochistan, the largest and organized demonstration took place in Turbat. The call of demonstration circulated through social media two days earlier. The women and children came out of their houses even in the scorching heat of Turbat. For several years the planted Kashmir Rallies off colored the political environment in Turbat, but the martyrdom of Malik Naz revitalized a soul into Fida Shaheed Chowk. Fida Shaheed Chowk exhibited a political gala after lapse for years. A few years ago, when security forces stormed into this Squire in intention to arrest Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad, then they had to face the resistance from Baloch women and children.

Though these series of demonstration look directionless and apparently the tragedy of Dannuk is the focal point where contrary to the established cultural norms and values of society, a woman was killed and her four years old daughter got injured. The political parties are also taking part in protests but they are not leading rather than they are mere parts of these demonstrations. People in Balochistan includingTurbat came out of their houses into the street on the call of political parties. Peoplenof Turbat organized rally and gathered on behalf of civilians, for people donot go on raods for political parties. In fact, all parties were planning to arrange a customary press conference in Turbat Press Club, where they were certain of the nonparticipation of the natives.

In Balochistan, the role of parliamentarian political parties is dubious. Several members of these political parties are either directly or indirectly league with these gangs and armed groups. Similarly, these groups have been tasked to terrorise the Baloch society. The parliamentarian political parties immensely rely on these criminal armed groups to ensure their victory. The parties never questioned or looked reluctant about the character of these groups. In reality they were keener to take these groups into their ranks while expecting majority of seats in the parliament.

The most important problem is that ,these parties should refrain from sabotaging the public protest because the stand of these parties solely is the arrest of the head of this group who is involved in Dannuk tragedy. A day earlier, the police announced the arrest of the head of the gang. Possibly it can be ploy to militate the public sentiments, and finding a way to protect dozens of other armed groups and state backed proxies, those who are licensed to spread terror, torture the people, violate human rights and empowered to killing innocent people during robbery.

All political parties and civil society have the responsibility to support the people against the demolition of oppression and for gaining social liberty in the line of the traditional struggle of Balochistan and take this movement to the logical end. All stockholders must have a single and uniform stand that would be disarming of all these proxies groups; otherwise like Dannuk incident ,more tragic incidents are expected to follow.

Bibi Banadi* a legendary woman in the history of Balochistan who bravely fought against the enemy forces.
Fida Shaheed Chowk** is a Square in Turbat city that is the often centre of political gathering, demonstrations and rallies.



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