Baloch Women Question & Feminism

Tasmia Baloch

Women? As French Philosopher Simon De Beauvoir said “She is Womb, an ovary, She is Female”

When the first wave of feminism hits the United States, some of the problems of black women were to convince black women that patriarchy was not just a problem for white women, harassment was just a problem for white women, but that was misogynist. This is the problem of women in societies. We cannot call the movement of true feminism bad, it can be criticized on various waves, it can also be criticized on today’s representative songs. Just as the black feminists understood that, the patriarchy could be a problem for all of us not just for white women.

Well, the situation changes, the pattern of violence against women may also be changed, but we can’t place the word feminism in a bad dictionary, to say it’s a West / European ideology. So what, whether rest of ideas have been developed in local factories, that is apparently an unscientific debate. When the world looks at the women’s movements and offers its point of view, we need to talk about the resistance struggle of the women of our society, the Baloch society.

In Baloch society, women have always fought alongside men. The resistance of Baloch women has a long history from Mahnaz to MalikNaz. It is adequate to say that the problem of patriarchy in Baloch society is not only for women but also for Baloch men. Therefore, Baloch women including Baloch men have been the victims of this patriarchal oppression. However, there is another aspect that needs to be addressed, which is often overlooked, so I think a writer always needs to write what is real.

Baloch women are also subjected to double oppression here by state sponsored on the one hand and male chauvinist or male dominated on the other. Similarly, two days ago, a girl was killed in Awaran in the name of Ghairat (Honour), just beacuse she demanded to marry someone of her choice. Thus, she found characterless and endangered her family’s honor and was ordered to be killed. However, there are many such examples within Balochistan and other area’s where patriarchal practices are so common among us. Few month’s ago in Karachi a Baloch girl was divorced only because she could not prove her virginity, though we are so blind to see the scientific reasons in comparison patriarchal practices. However, this practice is common in some area’s of Balochistan as well. In addition, when a woman comes up and claims her political space in an organization or at any ground, she is pressurized and demoralized in various ways.

It should be noted that in the colonial system, the man not only oppresses the woman but also mentally persuades her to accept him in all respects, which is the clear example of suppression.

That is why the problems of Baloch women do not come from forefathers, but now it is the case of colonialism. Women leave their own problems and talk about men’s issues. It truly indicates that the woman has internalized herself in the oppression of the patriarchal system.

Even today in our society, women are not able to come forward. They can not express themselves. Is it because of the fear created in our society that women are still afraid? Even today thousands of women are being harassed by men, but no FIR is registered against them and even their family members themselves do not speak up, for they think that it hurts our dignity and honor in the society, even today women are a housewives, who are forced to work, in our society. Besides, there are many Baloch women in Sindh, where they are allowed to get education not for herself but to get a good husband in future beacuse the woman must hold a degree to qualify herself for marriage and to do their house work for whole life.
But despite all this oppression, women are still coming out for their rights, as in the case of the Balochistan University scandal & Bramsh Baloch incident where dozens of women came to the streets just ask for justice. But we still don’t see an organized group of women. We need to talk about it anyway.

Is there a brave woman like Florence Kennedy, Michelle Wallace in this current time? who can organize an organized Sumo Raji organization on her? Of course, I can see Raaji’s efforts in this regard are commendable and deserves credit. Raaji’s team certainly deserves credit for bringing women’s issues to the fore all the time also motivating Baloch women to come forward and claim her space. Moreover, I must appreciate Raaji’s team raised their voice for the incident of Balochistan University scandal or injustice has happened to many women including Balochistan. Raajis raised voice against injustice which Baloch women face. I hope to see more Baloch Women to come forward and take part in Baloch Women Rights initiative with Raaji’s- Baloch Women Forum.