Neglected Balochistan

Gul Afroz Baloch

Balochistan is largest province of Pakistan in terms of land and richest by its natural resources. Moreover, it is also famous for its natural beauty: having mountains, largest routes ,forests, seasides,ndeserts and many beautiful and historical cities: Quetta, Ziyarat, Sibi and Turbat where tourists are ambitious to visit.

Unfortunately, having enormous beauty that is discussed above, there is no accommodation for tourism or happiness. Though it has a lot of natural resources, still it is poorest province and its literacy rate is lower than the rest of the provinces. Truly, it is God gifted province, but it is victim of thousands challenges and anxieties that is formidable to define them on single page.

But question raises that, why this resource-rich province is backward? And why despicable is being spreaded? These despicable acts obviously are making hell the citizens of the mentioned province. These are so tortuous questions and hardly ever can be answered.

Furthermore, lots of political parties came and reaffirmed that they will be escorted for this province, ostensibly. Owing to this they all ate seemed to be frivolous. Not a single conflict had been solved. The riots and uproar are not being controlled. Continuously, hundreds of women, men and children come out from their home to the streets and roads having repleted passions for the sake of justice.

Sometimes the people ask justice for those students and citizens who are continuely being abducted, sometimes restoration of internet, sometimes against culprits and bogus domiciles. This is striking to know that the youth of Balochistan prioritises the protests and campaigns rather than their future and education, for they are compelled but non of parliamentarians strive to hear them.

Furthermore, recently the Turbat Danuk insident where some felon martyred Malik Naz and left her years old Bramsh Baloch injured. The province entirly roars and demands justice for Bramsh Baloch but the concerned authorities kept fastof silence. And decades have been completed but abduction of youth, men, women, agedsand children is continue so far. It is too regrettable that the case of missing persons is kept in cold storage, it definitely violation of human rights. For the sake of justice, entire Pakistan is asking from the government whether this tumultuous scenario become the fatality of Balochistan. Why youth are being taken from there homes, streets and educational institutions? If they are involved in criminal acts or they are members of any riot organizations, so they must be brought to the courts and give them chance to defend them rather it would considered a coercionse and intimidations against the vigilant public. Girls from other provinces are being graduated in age of 23,24, and 25. Alas! girls from Balochistan are on roads for their brothers, father and colleagues.

But no one is ready to hear the cries of the people who ask questions to find their loved ones. Everyone seems to reticent towards these conflicts. There is no one who have to eat an humble pie.

At last, I just would like to ask, is there any flame of hope for the youth of Balochistan? Will government perceive all these problems? Or just fighting for impunity will grow up? Everyone from the province is awaiting for someone who may perceive and answer these questions.