Blood donation amid Corona virus : Mahal Mengal Baloch

The world, in current times, is suffering from coronavirus including Pakistan. Balochistan, a province of Pakistan, lacks basic human necessities_ specially to cope with the coronavirus.

However, donating blood is considered a virtue in our society recognized by Islam too. Because it helps to save the lives of people in desperete need. Similarly, some the NGOs in Balochistan are putting efforts satisfactorily to contribute to donating bloods for the needy people.

Some of them are particularly contributing for patients of thalassemia in Balochistan like spreading awareness messages related to donating blood in order to encourage the people to donate more blood for the patients and setting up blood donation camps. But are these N.G.Os testing for coronavirus and some other necessary tests before taking out blood from people?

Some tests are very essential before taking out the blood such as hepatitis, HIV etc. If without a test of coronavirus, blood is being donated then it will be the main cause of the further spread of coronavirus in Balochistan.

So, if the NGOs are having the testing kits of coronavirus and other related diseases, it is something appreciated, but if they are not, they ought to think of it. Because it is about children and their lives.



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