Students of Pasni’ in search of a library: Badil Baloch

After the sudden outbreak of Corona virus disease (Covid19) earlier this year, the provincial government of Balochistan announced a two-week closure of the schools and colleges in the province, a step quickly followed by other provinces, in a bid to halt the spread of this global pandemic. As expected, the pandemic began to spread at a rapid pace which compelled the central governemnt to extend the period of closure of the eductional institutions_ that has not reached to its end till this day.

Like the other cities of the country, students of Pasni also return to their homes in a hope to get back to their respective institutions once they are reopened. But the Covid19 wreaked havoc causing hundreds of casualities in different parts of the country led the frightened and caring government to uphold the decision of suspension of educational institutions.

It is not wrong to assume that a single wasted week affects the academic performance of students, but we encountered a seven-month disconnectivity of education which, without a doubt, will have far reaching impacts on the academic careers of the students. Realising the damage, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan directed the universities to initiate online classes to help continuity of the process of providing education_ a decision that led to widespread protests in Balochistan and some other corners of the country.

Back to our geniun issue, having reached to Pasni, the students of this coastal city Pasni (often called Lucknow of Balochistan for its artists) experienced a seriouse feeling of deprivation; firstly, owing to unavailabilty of adequate internet signals they were unable to benefit from online classes. Secondly, they lacked a library where they could spend some times with their books.

A city with a population of over 90 thousands lack a library. This piece of news is surely alarming, or in some cases disheartening to the citizens of the first world countries but to us, it is a common issue which is hardly taken seroiusly.

Students of Pasni, highly talented in different sort of arts, give a complaning look to our MPA Mir Hammal Kalmati who seems to have overlooked the issues of Pasni in his third consecutive term. Apparently, two buildings for libraries are under construction for Pasni but their fate is very much alike the harbor of Pasni which has been going under rehabilitating process with a little hope for betterment.

Upon not finding a library, the very students are often seen in sitting hotels, roaming in streets, racing the bikes just to mention few. Before the general elections in 2018, the candidate of BNP from Gwadar district adopted an attractive slogan of carrying pens and books as weapons to beat the culture of weapons, ammunitions and drugs, but these claims are yet to meet its reality; as the students of Pasni are still looking forward to having a library for them which is one of the most fundamental rights of the students.

Ironically, the educated class of the society has adopted a criminal silence in this matter. Sooner or later, we are going to getting to heinous consequences if we carry the trend to preferring more on other projects other than education. Libraries are most needed in the present time.



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