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Rethinking the history with KK Aziz’s “Murder of History”: Shahab Baloch

It is a book that feeds your mind with creativity that helps you to think and question. I read a book “Murder of History” written by Khurshed Kamal Aziz published in 1985. He is the author of over 40 books and a prominent historian of Pakistan. KK Aziz’s works and researches in Murder of History highlights the real picture of Muslim history in sub-continent and evaluates 66 textbooks of Pakistani history that how they have been distorted and manipulated.

The Murder of History is a correction to textbooks given from class 1 to 14th students of Pakistan where they are shown one-sided picture. It discloses the true incidents of Muslims, their leaders’ attachment with British, their roles in sub-continent and struggles for a Muslim country. Mostly, it focuses on events and their realities. Supposedly, the accuracy of Lahore Resolution’s occasion and demands; as it is mentioned in textbooks history of schools and colleges that in 1940’s 23rd March, Pakistan Resolution was passed demanding an independent state. KK Aziz argues in his book that it wasn’t Pakistan Resolution but Lahore Resolution which was passed on 24th March, 1940; its demands were independent state(s). There are plenty of negligences by writers of Textbooks that a scenario is created to make good the bad, right the wrong and real fake

We are introduced to so many circumstances in the history of Muslim leaders who never went of through. For example, in schools students are taught about Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s higher education in England which is a white lie and nonsense. Neither he went for Higher education in London nor had he a degree in law. Even Allama Iqbal had never studied in London and he hadn’t had a degree in law, the book says.
In fact, in Punjab’s textbooks of primary level of Urdu medium of class one in first chapter, children are told that “Pakistan is created by Quaid-e-Azum Mohammad Ali Jinnah”. Firstly, it is not good to insert history to a newcomer student. Secondly, it is factually wrong to give the credit to Jinnah. Legally and constitutionally, Pakistan was created by British Parliament with Independence Act passed in July, 1947 and politically with consensus of All India Muslim League, Muslims of India, The Congress and the British.

The third president of USA Thomas Jefferson once said , “I like the dreams of the future better than the History of past.” The history that lacks credibility and completely against your wishes isn’t worth remembering and getting pride of it by imaginary makings. If one is really anxious to know the history impartially should come out of nationalism and biased thoughts so that they can better understand the history.

Pakistan has suffered a lot from extremism, biased sentiments, hate and prejudice for 73 years which are being promoted by educated class from day one of Pakistan’s birth. By mixing religion and politics together, feeling proud of defeated wars, legalizing Martial laws for personal gains, inserting hatred conspiracies against minorities and teaching lies in education have dragged the nation centuries back. The unjustified tragedies of the history are just brought to insert aggressive emotions and patriotism in nation by hypocrites for the sake of elites and powerful class to enjoy the freedom and let the nation die in conspiracies. Otherwise the country like Germany had the worst history in past; its entire infrastructure, economy, human resources and dignity had sunk and even it was divided into East and West Germany due to its role in World war-2 but today it is a leading power of 21st century. It has developed not because of making Adolf Hitler its leader and commander like Mohd Bin Qasim and Muslim conqueror by Pakistani writers but cursing on them, not hiding the truth and focusing on future.

Once a German poet and artist Berthold Brecht quoted “The past had to be bared to settle all accounts so that one could proceed further.” Pakistan is a country of different languages, nations, sects and even religions; it cannot bear the obsession of an ethnic group on rest since it brings divisions and instability in the country. Therefore, the Murder of History gives the opportunity to the educated class to rethink their work for the sake of their country and generation. Indeed, Murder of History gives one the way of being realistic and rejecting artificial perspective of pre-Pakistan and post-Pakistan history.



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