Explosion of population in Pakistan: Zahra Baig Hoth

Overpopulation is becoming a significant issue in Pakistan. The state possesses less resources but a growing population which enhances to the national worrisome. In 1951, Pakistan had a population of 3,040,0000; in 2001, the population grew up to 4,025,0000. However, the current population of Pakistan is 208.57 millions.

Morever, overpopulation sequels on the economic development in the developing countries like Pakistan. One of the main causes of illiteracy, poverty and low living standards in our country is high evaluated population growth. Due to overpopulation, Pakistan faces unending hardships.

Additionally, Pakistan, being the 5th highest populated country in the world [2nd in the Muslim world], makes up 0.59% of the earth surface. If we contrast Pakistan with other thoroughly populated nations, the country has the smallest amount of space. Nevertheless, Pakistan distributes with more difficulties then other highly populated countries. It affects the national education system along with agricultural production, because if the population continues to increase, families will spot to using agricultural lands for arrangement as the urban areas become more crowded.

The revolt in population results in a number of social evils that includes child marriage, child abuse, suicide, robbery, unemployment, poverty, child labour, begging and the growth of terrorism. Therefore, our upcoming generation will face more hard times than us because if the population remains same or continues to germinate alike, problems will increase more likely. So, the government should take productive steps to stop population growth in the state.



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