Building self-confidence: Zarnaz Mayar

Building self-confidence requires progressive efforts. It needs to be developed gradually by testing and challenging yourself regularly. It, however, plays an important role in every student’s life in particular, others in general. A person with self-confidence can look at the world with a better perspective.

More importantly, some people get this habit by birth whereas others need to work for it. Parents play a supportive role in building self-confidence in their children. If they don’t, it becomes tough for the children to recover in the later part of their life.

In fact, there are so many of the people with zero self-confidence which eventually leads them to self-prepetuating problems. Howbeit, it can be built, it needs double struggles in the other chapter of life. You can develop our self-confidence by keeping some important habits.

For developing self-confidence, we have to avoid spending time around those things which make us feel bad about ourselves. Secondly, always turn your negative thoughts into positive ones. Whenever your attention sounds like diverting to negativity, turn out them into positivity by doing anything that pleases you internally. Start your day with something positive as a smile.

Thirdly, manage your mindset; learn to pick up and defeat the negative self-talks which can destroy your confidence. Fourthly, you should not only feel proud of your potentials, but also think about the things that shape your personality from better to the best.

You can improve yourself and self-confidence by yourself only. Building self-confidence asks you to cultivate a positive attitude about yourself and your social interactions. You are ought to learn and care about yourself by setting goals since you start meeting challanges to further improve your self. It is an essential part of human life which can be described as the ability of a person to have faith in his or her abilities and competence.

You should be a source for yourself and kill your weaknesses by coming up with new thoughts and ideas. Learning and knowledge encourage us to build our confidence and face the better stages of life with courage and determination. So, I suggest everyone to boost up your self-confidence_ specially students_ which is going to help you out in many ways in your life ahead.

The writer is a student at I-WELL Academy, Turbat.