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“Mark the moon” gives food for thought: Lucky M. Jan

The book “Mark the moon” is an amazing novel by J.A Booker. I found this book so captivating which, as per my expectations, is one of the best novels ever. To be very frank, I never felt like reading, but it was an entire world within it with its simple approach, deep emotions and affinity.

The book contains the tale of two different creatures, one human and one werewolf. Werewolves are creatures having two sides, animalistic and human forms. They convert into their animalist form on full moon nights.

Other than that, their life-style is the same as humans. Samantha Williams, a seventeen years old matric student falls in love with her classmate Triston Everdeer, a werewolf. Sam is the only human to have known this secret when she found Triston changing into his animalistic form on a full-night moon. Surprisingly, she was the only human to know their secret yet alive which brought tension to their pack.

Triston as the beta of his pack and his brother Rayne as the Alpha (head) had to keep an eye on her every course of question for the safety of secret. Initially, Sam thought of Triston as a jerk and reckless guy who loved to bully her but whenever her eyes got into contact with his deep silver eyes, she would lose herself in them; and he also felt the same. However, he was never that sweet type of a person_ especially after his father’s death, the previous Alpha. She had also lost her mother some years earlier that caused her deep pain, but she managed to move on and not dwell in the past.

Triston took his father’s death heavier than he had to, but Sam wanted to bring him to life. He felt annoyed by Trista as he tried to control her every action. While simultaneously, she wouldn’t deny the fact that she liked him and so did he but she always pretended like a careless guy more often. In the absence of Sam’s father, Triston would make sure that Sam would stay at their house, safe and protected. As both of them spent more time together, both of them couldn’t just ignore the feelings that were growing stronger in their hearts.

However, not everybody is privileged with a simple partner full of life. The fact is that Tristan was an entirely different creature and something pushed behind by their strong feelings, but who could stop the consequences of natural disturbances. Sam’s body began to witness the change; from time to time Triston had bit her and the werewolf’s genes were sucked into her body which created genetic exchange in her body.

However, it wasn’t a deliberate action but more of a destined twist in Sam’s life. None of them could be blamed for this. The sudden change in the body temperature of Sam, getting wild and aggressive on little things and her inevitable thoughts were driving her crazy. She could feel her wolf fighting inside her and opposing her over the things she loved. After some strange weeks on a full-moon night, her wolf took complete control over her body. She was nothing more than a thought in her wolf’s mind. Each and every bone of her body broke from a wolf which was much more painful than she could ever imagine.

A bumming sensation was running through her veins as her body was running on a temperature of 108 celsius. Triston left her alone especially when she needed her the most. However, he couldn’t deny the order of his Alpha. He made sure to provide every possible facility to her Chelsea, the doctor of the pacts stayed with her. Triston left her helping the pack members fighting against the attack. While at the same time, Sam screamed for her mate who was in danger. Her wolf fought inside her to get dominant over her and take complete control over her. She tried hard to persist although.

However, at the same time she knew that as being in human form, she could not compete with wolves. She finally agreed and held the control of her body. She changed into a wolf for the night. She was passing through the toughest time of her life but the thought of her mate in danger and the fear of losing him was at the peak.

She rushed to him using her full strength with her eyes searching for him in the huge crowd of wolves, fighting with each other; throwing punch after punch on one another’s nose. Probably trying to break each other’s head. Finally, Sam’s search came to an end when she found Triston fighting wildly with Lan. She exchanged glances from one to other to figure out who was harder on the other.

The time when she saw Triston bleeding, he thought of no consequences and without thinking anything, he got in. But as Lan was superior in his position and a wolf could not win against Alpha, both of them were seriously injured.

Lan had caused as much harm as he could to Sam. He just found a way to take his aggression out. Fortunately, they were alive while seeing her suffering through so much. She lost the control over her body and got some pain in her body. She was directly taken to Triston house where Rayne, as being the Alpha, made sure to provide every medical facility that she had needed. The time period between first and second full moon was the toughest period.

According to a research, not everyone could bear the change. They would just end up failing with both of the forms. Sam was waiting calmlessly for the 2nd full moon night to change completely to get out his overwhelming condition. While all this, another character appeared in the book namely Lan_ the Alpha of another pack.

Lan had an attraction towards Sam since his mate was a human but was no more alive. He wanted to get her at any rate despite knowing the fact that she had a mate who was the Beta of Lan since she knew that Triston would tear his skin off after knowing his intentions. Lan had more powers than Triston as he was the Alpha. Thus, Triston’s wolf would never win against Alpha. As the most awaited night came closer, when Sam’s condition became more wretched and finally, the time was passing fast and the night was coming closer. Sam got faint at the very dawn. Her body was preparing for the change and Triston wanted to stand beside her through all this. But fate would never be as brutal as it was on them.

The news of an attack from Lan’s pack on them spread everywhere like a wildfire causing unpredictable tension everywhere. Triston got stuck in-between two of his responsibilities. It was the toughest task ever to prioritize between his love and responsibilities and being the beta. He wasn’t ready to which was the best prevailing one could have in their condition. Their lives turned into normal again as Lan disappeared. They didn’t meet them after that horrible night and joined the college. But, was Lan’s leave was permanent? On the very first day of college when Sam opened her locker, she found a red envelope having Lans’ writing over it. She just threw it in the trash bin just to avoid any kind of distress. That wasn’t the solution, Lan was still there, wandering around them.

Thus, the masterpiece ended from here leaving me suspicious that “Betrayed by blood,” the second part. My research is still continued with no appropriate result but I am still not hopeless. And therefore I recommend this book to all of the readers and every person who is in search of such a unique masterpiece.