Mental health issues matter: Sanaullah Jamali

Mental health is an important aspect of our lives which is related to our minds. Nevertheless, it is one of the most essential parts of human body. We are to take it seriously; if we have mental health problems, we should take it on immediately before it gets very serious. It ultimately leads one to go into nervous breakdown. We should also take a look around us for others who have issues concerning with their mental health, and help them seek treatment for it as soon as possible. Whereas, supporting them morally also helps even more in curing the mental health problems of victims.

In most societies people don’t consider mental health [mental illnesses] as important issues. For instance, in the US bullying is a common practice in schools which affects kids who are mentally weak or possess any mental illness. However, in some countries such as Pakistan majority of psychologists don’t do enough for their patients because of lack of education and other related issues.

Kids, diagnosed with mental or physical illnesses, are not accepted in societies such as Pakistan, where some parents hide their children from society just because of other people’s views towards their children. The trauma that people with down syndrome, anxiety, and other kinds of mental illnesses one has to go through are very painful experiences. On the other hand, people around them who don’t treat them as normal human beings and don’t try understand them either, that sounds even more painful.

People should be more inclusive of differently-abled people, and governments should do more to address the difficulties they face such as hospitals where they can go on their wheelchairs, free healthcare, and other kind of similar issues. The reality is very different in a lot of countries where healthcare isn’t even free which is a basic need for all people living in a nation. As in the US it is paid, you can’t get it for free; you have to pay for it.

Some people who can afford healthcare like people who have high-paid jobs, or belong to elite-class can seek treatment wherever they choose. Mental health problems also leads to suicidal thoughts. In some other cases if you don’t seek help or treatment, it affects the entire family of the victims with suicidal threats of the affected individuals.

To those people who don’t consider mental health concerning: take it seriously and notice signs if someone around you is suffering from a mental health problem. And if you don’t notice those signs, you would be responsible anytime if a loved one of yours commits suicide.