Hidden Beauty of Balochistan: Hameed Karim

Balochistan is the heart of Pakistan with its beauty and attractions. It is the artery and blood vessels of Pakistan. The beauty of Balochistan beyond the secret of attractions, love, emotions, feeling and of course to remember the heaven of hive and Adam by its colorful lands, green grass, collyrium fountains, sparkling blue seas, decorative mountains and the glossary picnic points are the hidden heaven of Balochistan.
Additionally, anywhere else a terrain like Balochistan would have been a crowd-puller for the visitors. The beauty of Balochistan teaches the tourist, the art of love, remembrance and put them in thoughts to recall the past adventures with their beloved and bosoms.
The attraction of greenery opens the blind eyes into bright; the sound of fountains water brings a deaf to listen the beautiful sound of universe. In the same way, the blue color of mountains reduces the depressions and obsession of ones to enjoy the life.
However, these are not the only aspects of its beautifying rather it is blessed with natural resources like copper, gold, marble, gas, and many more. Because of these expensive raw materials every country is looking at Balochistan as a stray dog.
Most importantly the hidden beauty of balochistan is remarked by its historical places like, Hingol Park, Maula Chotok, Gawadar Port and Hill Station and many more exotic beauties are the law of attraction. However, the exotic beauty of Hingol Park captures the hearts by its sparkling blue water and sand of the lake, along with the fresh air that surrounds it. In the same way, Maula Chotok has unforgettable beauty and it is in everybody’s travel list. The port of Gawadar is also unimaginable and it attracts the heart of every tourists. Thus, an unexplored and exotic beauty is hidden in Balochistan so one can adore his heart like a bride. And can’t easily neglect the law of attraction of Balochistan.

Writer studies at I-WELL, Academy Turbat