Women empowerment: Zarnaz Mayar

Women empowerment means to make women as powerful as they should be able enough to take their personal decisions. Women can play a vital role equally like the men being the leaders as they do keep leadership qualities. They have the power to change the society and as well complete nation since history is full of such examples of women who served the world and put an end on the thought that women were weak.

As the service of florence nightangle Noor Jahan are very notable in the history of women. Women empowerment is very necessary to make the bright future of the family, society and also country. Women need more capable environment that they should take their own decisions anywhere whether for themselves or for their family and society as well as for their own country.

It is very necessary for a country to empower women which can in turn bring development in the life of women. Unfortunately women in developing countries like Pakistan are suppressed and considered inferior beings in many regards. According to latest statistics the current female population in pakistan is 49.2% whereas women participation in labour force is only 28%. Clearing ratio extremely low. However in our country, if see the reality, women are confined within the four walls as a result they are limited at their homes and cut off from rest of the world.

If talk demestic violence the main problems are respect for women who are not getting fundemental rights in their society.They are torchared to be silent regarding their due rights. Alas! In Muslim countries being the followers of Quran; not providing the rights to women even which are mentioned in Quran.

The writer is a student at I-WELL Academy Turbat.