Lyari demands safety to property: Hawa Nasir

Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan, but mourning in most of the times. The city lacks specific facilities resulting in severe suffrage for local people. In fact, the recent rain in the city blocked all the roads with water flowing inside the city. But besides this, the buildings of Lyari are collapsing which is killing and injuring people. Due to this, the people of Lyari have been warned to empty the buildings with double or triple floors. Although it is an alarming issue, but not every building of two or more floors is this weak of falling down. If they leave the houses, where would they go?

Hence, the provincial government should step forward to show concerns to this grieved issue by collecting accurate data of the collapsing buildings and ensure they are safe. They ought to bring about favorable and timely solutions so that the people enjoy their right to property peacefully.



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