Women in Balochistan: Shair Ishaq

Raise voice for your rights and in response you will get bullets in your chest; remain silent and you are kept away from your rights. This is what the women in Balochistan are facing. Shaeena Shaheen, a social activist and a journalist, was gunned down in Turbat earlier this month. According to the First Information Report registered by her family, they have accused her husband as her murderer.

Undoubtedly, women in Balochistan are tasting the most miserable days. In fact, they are kept afar from their fundamental rights as education, freedom to making decisions, right to movement etc. Unfortunately, a myriad of women in the province are not aware about their basic rights because of being uneducated. They are easily joggled to approaching to the rights vested to them.

On the other hand, if a woman gets to know her rights, she speaks for them. And unluckily, most men of our society come upward to killing their wishes with their brutalities. The girls wishing to seek their rights are even rejected, ignored and eyed in a disrespectful way by their society. Worst of all, some are awarded with bullets and knives in their chests like Shaeena Shaheen and Qandeel Baloch who were murdered ruthlessly.

It is high time women in this part of the country are let to enjoyed their rights. Let’s join hands to stop the culture of vicious killings of women in our society. Let’s end it from Shaeena. Let’s assure those women in our society that they will get their rights, not bullets and knives. Let’s give them more opportunities to live life accordingly. That’s how we are going to develop.




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