A gender called woman: Seema Shakeel

It would not be wrong to assume that women have the equal rights to counterpart, but every nook and coroner of the world women are not getting due rights neither at home nor outside due to which a dozen of women suffer from the violence or crossfire of the no conservative society.

Noticeably, Islam has given rights and respect to women because woman as a mother, sister, wife or a daughter are the guides and are the builders of any house. To decorate her house glory and comport she is always in struggle.

She scarifies everything to fulfill the whims and desire of her family. She works from dawn to dusk to facilitate her kids. However, in the society she is bounded and made realized that she is a woman. Most of women are not allowed to choose a job or to move outside by her own choice. They are once and again deemed the shoes of the feet.

Similarly, their minds are tied with the slavery. It is harsh to believe in modern era women are not given the freedom of expression. They cannot express their inner feelings and ideas in front of any men be it, her father, her son, her brother or husband. We have such a tradition never allows women to raise voice for themselves.
The society with the traditional approach of thinking never allows the woman to choose her life partner.

It is a day right reality that no one can grasp what women rights are though Islamic laws and universal laws have given fullest protection to them. A man can never define a woman. Our culture is hooded with rubbish customs which are abolishing several lives of women.

The culture to free woman from some intricate customs such as they should have freedom of speech, choice of their own life partners and allow them what they want rightfully.



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