Commitment is foundation of success: Alijan Dilwash

Commitment leads to success. It is one of the most essential elements of one’s live that makes one determined and optimistic to focus on goals of life. Everyone fails in life, but it does not mean, one has lost the courage, and the doors are closed for you. If you are committed, Allah will open thousand of doors for you to accomplish your destination. Commitment is the courage to turn failure into success.

It gives clear ways to focus towards a purposeful and prosperous destination. However, it is the nature of every human being to get failed at once, but when someone loses his/her courage and does not work for their weaknesses, he/she will create obstacles for the achievement of their destination.

In life, challenges come, the one who overcomes these all, have courage and commitment. We often hear, “if opportunity does not knock, build a door.” Success does not come and knock your door rather we need to run for the success. It needs countless efforts, struggles, commitments and precious time.

When someone lacks these, he/she can not achieve success.
Commitment is a destination that empowers one to be optimistic. Though you fail thousand times, you will get thousand steps to learn from your failure. “The journey of thousand miles starts with one step.” Commitment is the only step that births thousand ways to get high peck of success in life.

It is important to note that everyone is the master and driver of their own life, nobody changes your fate until you are ready to bring changes. The actions and decisions that you take will ultimately decide your future. Actions and decisions are the most fundamental steps of getting success.
“Your daily goals should be actionable and attainable in nature, so that at the end of the day, you feel accomplished and can experience that feeling of success.” Successful people considered every day a new opportunity.

They learn from their yesterday, and stay focused for the today with new opportunities and challenges.
Commitment is the foundation of great accomplishments. Commitment is the first step, it determines your accomplishments. It will give you right directions, if you fight your challenges with commitment and deternination.

Commitment makes you optimistic. It gives wings to fly in the sky for a bright career. Nobody is perfect, everyone of us have weaknesses. When we turn our weaknesses into laziness, they will be the sign of great failure. They will be covered if you have courage to pursue your efforts, but laziness will give birth to a dark destination. Therefore, our prime purpose should be learning from mistakes, and to continue our destination with determination.