The need for gender-equality: Murwarid Nazir Ahmed

Although women make-up approximately half of the population. There have historically been social barriers to economic and personal freedoms for them. While much has been done to alleviate this. There is still quite a way to go, especially in low-and middle income settings.

Women are disempowered from a very young age, when they are held back from attending school for financial reasons, or because of the perception that this education does not matter. Globally, women still earn less than men, and women with children tend to earn less. This is a waste of potential and hampers progress on obstacles to global prosperity I believe.

Women’s empowerment has far-reaching benefits for the world. It has been estimated that if women farmers could be given the same resources as men, 150 million more people could be fed, effectively achieving the goal of zero hunger. Women across the world are often the caretakers of household health, which means that if all women are taught effective healthcare practices, global well-being statistics could be attended automatically. Children of educated mothers are also less likely to be malnourished and survive past the age of five.

But it is not simply the lack of access to education, and financial resources that hinders women, non-communicable disease is the disease taking the number one spot in women’s mortality. Inequality between genders does not only affect individuals, but it can change the entire economies of the world. However, we could find women working longer hours but being paid less. It is women making up two-thirds of all illiterate people in the world, it is less than 10% of world leaders being women.

Gender equality benefits everyone, sustainable development relies on ending discrimination towards women and providing equal opportunities for education and employment. Gender equality has been conclusively shown unless women have access to empowerment opportunities. Allowing them to join the workforce, countries will struggle to develop. For countries’ development gender equality is a must. Thus, the country’s development of gender inequality is very essential. The government instead of working on waste things should act on this certain issue.

The student is a student of Dynamic English Language Teaching Academy in Turbat.



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