Dizdir reflects the beauty of nature: Nawaz Nigwari

Dizdir is a beautiful village situated in Bal Nigwar, a sub Tehsil of District Kech. The population of this village is approximately 150. The village is surrounded with beautiful mountains. They look more attractive when it rains. People usually visit the mountains for enjoying. One gets closer to the nature when visits the mountains of Dizdir.

In its eastern side, there are many areas such as Kaliro, Kahirain, Machi Chaman. In the southern side, exists Kumbail. And in the northern part is Kapkapar, Kashaap, and Kalesar. Besides this, there are various gardens and fields which are located around the area, including date-palms, plants, vegetables, trees, sapotas, and many others.

If we talk about the villagers and their occupation, majority of the residents work in gardens, fields and cultivate various vegetables such as lady fingers, onions, eggplants, chillis and sell them in the nearest villages to earn some money to push their days ahead. They go in their gardens early in the mornings and return back late in the evenings.

If we talk about the educational system, there is only a Primary school, which is situated in the eastern side of the village. It is made up of mud and consists of two rooms. More than a hundred children come to school for getting an education, sadly, with the presence of only one teacher. But the most sad thing is that, the children are deprived of the fundamental rights, as there is no white board, electricity, washroom, and lack of furnitures.

In this institution, the children only pass the 5th class and after that they move to Bal Nigwar Govt Boys High School which takes one hour to reach there. Most of the students do not complete their education due to the lack of financial support. Girls are an exception to it.

If we talk about the hospital, there is not a single hospital in the village. if someone becomes sick or feels a headache, they have to approach Turbat, which takes 100 kilometers to reach.

Apart from this, the residents of the village mostly belong to middle class families. But, they are very hospitable and supportive. Their hearts are filled with love. They help each other in the hard times.

On the other hand, the location of the area is so attractive and peaceful. For, the area is covered with several trees, plants and mountains. When the rainy season appears, the villagers move towards the jungle to enjoy the nature and to feel relaxed. They observe various attractive chirps of birds and get to lose themselves in nature.

Morever, when the spring season arrives, there comes various birds from different places which fly in the surrounding of the village. When one observes them, they feel totally blessed. Specially literary persons get a reason to express their emotions, thoughts or feelings through poetry or short stories after being around in such a pleasing environment.

However, if we talk about historical sites, we can get a popular river in this village which is called “Gaoragi Kour” (Gaoragi River) which flows from Dizdir to the near the villages. When the rain falls, then it will be full of water and take them into “Mied”, a popular river which connects to Dasht e Kaur (Dasht river) which is situated around Kumbail, a nearby village. If this river (Meid) fills with water, it overflows. And then the water flows to Gwadar sea which takes several days to reach.

The trees also turn into green and catch one’s attraction. During the rainfall, here comes a huge number of people from the nearest areas to see the water and do picnics. They take pictures as well.

In short, the modern world has changed everything. People are less closer to nature. They think living in buildings is real life, but one never forgets their rural areas where they generated childhood memories. Although today they have a different life somewhere far from the villages, but one thing is sure, childhood always remain there and they do miss it_ in either way. Similarly, one can enjoy the real nature when they turn to Dizdir village.