Safety of women in Pakistan: Nadia Shoukat

Women, constituting about half of the population of the globe, are receiving unfair behaviors from most men, governments and religious groups, which is humiliating, intolerable and barbarous. Cruelly, they [women] are facing numerous problems including harassment in public places, workplaces and disgustingly in their own homes too. The World Health Organization estimates that about 1 to 3 (35%) of women worldwide have experienced physical and sexual intimated partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime. Meanwhile, in a year more than 15 millions girls are being raped across the globe between the age of 15 to 19 years.

Unfortunately, they cannot work in peace. They have no freedom to choose anything of their own in many countries. Wherever they go, they are verbally abused, raped, tortured and killed. Sadly, in most incidents, women are killed by their own family in the name of honor.

Besides this, a large number of women suffer a lot during periods because they lack knowledge about them and the pain they endure in this duration. So, they pay no heed to them. At last, the small pain turns to killing them. This is all owing to lack of awareness.

Moving ahead, women feel insecure when they are walking in the roads because of the street barkers_ similar to street dogs. When boys see girls wandering on the roads, they pass bad and negative comments, and sometimes they even illegally touch them. Due to such awful acts, most of the girls abandon their education and stop going out because of such boys inserting fears in them.

At the same token, when a woman works with men in the community, the members of her community have no pure intentions over her. They criticize her so strongly and so badly that she no longer wishes to do anything for the societal development. Sadly, in some offices, the female workers are raped, due to which she prevents going to workplaces. And very effectively, when other parents look at these girls not going outside, the other parents cease the outer activities of their daughters too.

Consequently, women are chained in just four walls and are threw in dark wells. Alongside, innocent girls are tortured mentally and physically by their own fathers and brothers when they desire for freedom and equality. Their wings are cut when they wish to fly. They are ceased when they become bold, confident and start living their lives the way their hearts yearn. The most disgusting point is, all these acts are tried to be backed up by the name of honor. In contrary, there is no honor in honor killing.

Along with this, reports witness that each year many women suffer a lot even they die during their periods because they use bad and dirty pieces of clothes being unknown about their side effects. If they have pains during this without recommendation of doctors, they take pills which further have very hazardous reactions over them. Due to lack of awareness, we lost many young souls.
In simple words, we all have to feel the sense of humor by practicing the traits which can make the world of women a heaven, but can we do it in practical?

Insistingly, the way we can save women is to educate them, since education has been that weapon which,for sure, can face every enemy and vanish every danger. She has to get education as reverse she will be able to overcome every problem. She will have health sessions where she would come to know how to deal with pain during periods.

Apart from these, when she gets education which will reward her courage, bravery and confident through which she can raise voices for her justice and equality. Moreover, with the assistance of education, she can interact with other global organizations to provide her rape free and secure surroundings.

Besides education, owning positive mindsets can be a great safetyguard for women. Undeniably, human beings are controlled by their subconscious minds. They always follow the commands of their minds. The same is true in women safety. Everyone should have optimistic minds and thoughts about women when they see a girl walking alone, when they see a girl wearing short clothes and unhidden her face. They must think that like boys, girls have the right to walk alone, to chase her dreams and to unlock her passion.

Secondly, fathers and brothers must realize that if a daughter gets education, if she wants to live her life happily and if she goes aboard, it does not mean that she has disturbed their honor. So, they are to avoid being conservative and never accompany negativity so as to provide the women with secure environments.

Perceivably, building strict laws, the concerned government can be included. Universally, those dwellers can survive peacefully where there are strict laws and punishment for violating norms. Similarly, strict laws and punishments must be constructed for women.

Supposedly, the rapists must be sentenced to death in front of public for the purpose that others should not dare to practice such cruel acts. Others will be demotivated to glance over such paths. Alongside, when people kill their daughters for honor as the reward of their brutality, they must be legally killed for killing their honors. At the same token, government must be concerned. They must ask the police to do inquiries to arrest the gangsters in every region of the country for the seek of a peaceful country.

Henceforth, going according to these traits can handover women a life made up by freedom, happiness and satisfaction. The lives of women do matter and they have the authority to live their lives the ways they feel comfortable. Since, they deserve much more. Above all, everything begins individually. So, begin it from you.

The writer is a student at DELTA.




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