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Mehr; a struggle for dreams: Ali Jan Maqsood

In the darkened midnights of moonlit nights, I have posed her amidst the walled roads of intimidation. She bagged her bunch of hardened strength behind the strong walls of victory. She has freed the fear of imprisonment of the foreign rulers, cause of her growing seed of sensation of the blackened circumstances. Gathering her courage in her untimely maturity, she made up the veins of heart to supply the blood of bravery_ passing her pulchritude of verses of powerful prose into non-fiction art of writing she had ever wished for. She is immortal in the land of souls, bullied by individuals of white-faced liers; she knew all well and is committed.

Mehr, inserting in her the dedication of her dream, enters into the world of her like-unalike creature. She demands change. People oppose her. She escapes excuses. Her family hinders on her way. She wishes to opine freely, but is caged under the magnificent chains of haplessness. “She wants to fly. Her wings are cut off.” She chooses to speak. Her mouth is shut down. She walks, under a limited territory of freedom. I tend to call her hapless, but she is more than that; helpless, poor, caged, discouraged, discharged, disappointed, disconnected; the list ends not_ maybe never. But she does not give up.

She cries under the sky of disloyal birds of the oasis. She finds no spark of hope so far but is not tired. Her light of candle seems to disappear. So as her courage of fighting back her luck. She mourns in tears of unleashed worrisome. She could not get over her cause of existence. She had not decided the sky of her dreams under an unfree land, but it happened to her. She wishes only, but do wishes come true? Do they really?

She is made the joke of the town for her brave decision of staying tall before the holders of honor. She spoke in her cage for the outdated chains of unreal ideology. She sparks herself a hope for millions, but who will lift her free, she imagines. How will they go against themselves? May they? Can they? And above all, will they?

In short, will they learn to fit themselves in her shoes? Will there be an end to illogical boundaries imposed on her, irrespective of her gender? Will the moon light on her earth? Or will the intimidation get to depart? Or will the fear of slavery overcome the victory of freedom? And most importantly, will it all happen to her_ anyday?

Mehr believes it will. Because she leads, not herself but millions. She is the light of hope. She is the chant of the oppressed community. She is the spark of millions’ hope. She is the name of resistance. She falls down but knows how to stand back strongly. She is the bridged gap to the bright days. She is a vision in herself. She is Mehr, the symptom of hope and a struggle for hundreds of thousands dreams.

Important note: This is a non-fiction art of writing based on imaginary scenario of the writer.