The frustration in the forest: Zareef Baloch

After a break of few days, I was in the center of the forest while, i have felt state of sadness in the forest. I feel strange when i see birds and animals as near to me who were scared and seemed running away from me. Instead of the sound of tongueless beings, such chirping of the birds, the sounds of animals and branches of tree when air as blowing, there was silence everywhere. I did  not saw lion even see the lion that used to come near me every day with its beard, I did not hear the chirping of doves and the cooing of pigeons. I was saddened to see birds and animals in this condition and walked to the last corner of forest where the old lake of the forest also looked dry although, it was raining before a few days.

I could not understand anything and looked at the forest atmosphere with longing eyes that this is the forest where birds and animals used to shower the flowers on me as soon as they stepped on it and gathered around me and discussed on the forest atmosphere. All the birds and animals used to share each other’s sorrow and joys on the occasion of catharsis.

Why is there sadness everywhere today and why the birds and animals are moving away from me? I was questioning to myself.

When I did not see anyone in the forest than, I left from there. As I was about to leave, my footsteps stopped me from moving forward.

The sound of laughing in the forest was tearing the eardrums, all of the birds and animals were sitting in one corner of the forest.

The fox was sitting on the forest throne drinking branded whisky and the lion was sitting in the front of the fox like as a beggar and the peacock was dancing compulsively. After looking me, Dove and pigeon turned their face to the other side and even the lion reluctantly told me get away from here. Meanwhile, the drunken fox, terrified, told me to get out! Now you have no any friend in the forest while, I am the king of this forest and  no one can do everything without my permission. When I saw this situation on the forest than, I left away from the forest and went to the city of silence where I used to sit  the head of a grave and talk to myself. Because whenever, I get frustrated from the forest and statements, I sit at the head of the grave and find peace where my father was sleeping forever.



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