Malar; A film based on ground realities: Fatima Imam Bakhsh

Malar is a film about love if someone watches it in general. But, observing at the story of the film very deeply, we can say that the director of the film put his efforts to highlight worsening mental diseases like frustration and depression in our society. Mostly, the young generation faces difficult situations to deal in the given age. The film is directed by Kamalan Beebagr, who refers the movie to a person who gets lost in his thoughts. The main character of the film is a crazy lover, Rafiq, and The other main character is Omar Kiyya who is playing the role of a doctor.

The film shows Rafiq lives alone in his house. Rafiq falls in love with a girl at the university. This connection of love is so deep that instead of taking interest in his books, Rafiq is always lost in the thoughts of his beloved. This obsession with love brings about an extraordinary change in Rafiq, which makes his university friends anxious in each passing day.

Then one day, it happens that Rafiq’s love becomes helpless in front of the customs and traditions of the society; she marries someone else. Rafiq cannot bear the grief of losing his beloved. So, he finally says goodbye to his studies and heads towards home.

When he returns home, he behaves like crazy because of which his family thinks that Rafiq has become mentally ill. But Rafiq does not let his family know that this madness is the result of losing love. He hides all his grief in his heart. Rafiq’s family hires a doctor. When the doctor meets Rafiq, he tells his whole story of grief to the doctor, which shows that the reason for the madness that has befallen Rafiq is the separation of the beloved. Rafiq ends his life by committing suicide.




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