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Caging birds is an inhumane act: Eisiyaan Haider

Birds add to the pulchritude of the world by leaving the sky colorful and granting pleasant mornings to all with their chirping. But, their wings are cut off to fly, their sweet singing voice is stolen by us, the most gracious creature of God; how sad is that! We restrict the lives of birds in cages, meanwhile, they are born to live independently, fly freely and openly in the sky.

Caging a bird with no care is a criminal act done by people. They cage them as a hobby and, on the other hand, they are killing them with their carelessness. This cruel act is not about to vanish until some strict actions are taken about it.

Faithfully, feeding birds with good care is a praiseworthy and healthy activity, but caging birds and torturing them is what proved to be an inhuman act. My eyes are the solid witness of seeing miserable birds under the wearisome wall of suffrage, in cages.

It even pained me to observe the unseen tears of birds and unspoken feelings of hurdles which they get, that too from human beings, who resist to persist deep adoration inside hearts for humanity.

I ask every being today; where is the love of humanity in you when you torture a speechless creature? Why do we own dead emotions when we leave the beautiful creature in harsh events? How would it feel if we are caged for few minutes?

We most often enroll our survival in the battles of keeping birds at homes for adding to the beauty, but we unacknowledge ourselves to offer them everything they require.

I personally believe that birds are the examples of living a good life. They, in true sense, leave untold messages for us and motivate us to live under the existence, though life grants us challenging happenings.

We humans give up the hopes which reside in our hearts when we get surrounded by silly events, but the birds even don’t forget to lay eggs, build nests, feed their children, sing and grant us the colors of beauty in lightening, rainy, stormy, flooding and all other hazardous situations.

This is how the birds teach us the lessons of living in every condition, looking after our new generation and so on. Instead of showing such cruel behaviors towards them, we should hold the feelings of gratitude towards birds who make us merry with the shadow of their solitude.

I, being a human being myself, request and suggest all to vanish this inhumane act of caging birds and putting restrictions over their freedom. These creatures are made to live independently instead of gaining tortures of us all. Let’s protect birds and show some love and humanity.

The writer studies Political Science at University of Turbat.



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