The burden of unfulfilled desires: Zareef Baloch

Whenever I feel sad due to social and societal attitudes, I move toward the city of silence. where, I find a comfort zone (father’s grave) in order to feel felicitation while sitting next to it, because that’s the bed of my father who is sleeping externally.

In the last hours of the night, I was sitting at my father’s grave, deep in thought, fed up with sadness and social attitudes. The city’s youth were already puffing on marijuana-filled cigarettes in frustration. Politics was limited to contracts and privileges and a few people made it their personal legacy. In the name of education, millions of rupees were going into the pockets of certain people and this was becoming bungalows in the covered areas of Karachi. Putting the backward-minded social class in a frightened atmosphere, they were sitting in VIP cars enjoying the music.

In the last part to the night, the shadow of darkness was getting darker and a dim light was falling on the earth with the brightness of the stars in the sky. The city of silence was dark and silent. Unfamiliar with the so-called society, the people of the city were sleeping temporarily in their huts and place-like houses. Here I was trying to tell my father, who was fast asleep, that it was good that many of your wishes remained unfulfilled because I could not become a doctor, at whose hands many patients died every day, I could not become an engineer, whose designed building collapse before the completion and I could not become a professor, whose lectures would become a burden on thousands of students.

I was sitting at the head of my father’s grave, shouting that there was no bureaucrat in good air who, despite earning millions of rupees, received extortion from a person earning five hundred rupees a day.  I could not become a politician, who has become a billionaire by sucking the blood of the nation. I was saying that all the hopes you had attached to me remained unfulfilled. I wanted to say a lot, but I could only say, “father, I am sorry, your wishes are unfulfilled, but fulfilling these unfulfilled dreams is my goal while, my goal is still to become a human being, it is my unfulfilled dream to reach the destination by overcoming the obstacles in the journey.

At the same time, I wake up from the cries my beloved son Mehrwan and with a new thought I turn to streets of the city to fulfill of my father unfulfilled desires to get a new story.



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