Drugs end happiness: Tasmia Aziz

Once when a baby boy was born, everyone in his family was happy. In great merriness, they distributed sweets. His parents felt very blessed to have given birth to a baby boy.

Parents started planning for their child’s life: father wished him to be a doctor, mother pondered him to be their shoulder in older days. Mother dedicated all her love to her son, father worked harder for his son’s education. They dreamed for a beautiful future with their son, unbeknownst of a darker one coming up for them.

One day, their son returned home, so exhausted. His mother asked him with full love, “What happened to my smart boy today?” But he showed ignorant behavior and stepped towards his room.

He was, back then, a student of matriculation. After three weeks, their son’s behavior changed completely. He did not eat well. He less went to school. His father wanted to know the reasons as to why there appeared sudden lack of interest in his son towards education.

One day a shopkeeper informed the boy’s father that his son was using drugs. He spent most of his time with drug-addicts and delinquent boys. Listening to all these, his father’s entire dreams shattered into pieces. For him, the sky had fallen and earth had gone beyond his feet. He came home and told his wife what the shopkeeper had informed him. She also started crying. She lamented to Allah as to what sin was committed by them that they were being punished in this way.

When the boy appeared at home, he had used a lot of drugs which had rendered him pain and fever. His life was in danger. For his parents, life seemed to be darkened with all their dreams crashed by a strong wave of disaster.

Mother raised her hands to the sky and said, “O’ Allah, please save everyone from this kind of poison.”

His mother had not finished from her prayers that she heard a voice coming from the other room saying that their child was no more. She felt her soul had been snatched from her body. All their happiness turned into grave sorrows.

Many families in Pakistan are suffering from this heinous condition. Our youths are largely addicted to this curse. The trend of using drugs among the youths is vastly being observed in the society. Nonetheless, drug is destroying our nation and our youths who are our future stars, but no one cares and listens to the protesters and agitators who are standing against the drug dealers and drug sellers in the society.

People are protesting to save the youths and the society. If we want a prosperous and healthy society, then we must raise our voice against this curse. How many other families will face this problem? Why are we ignoring this serious issue which is like a virus that is growing day by day in the state? We all see people openly using drugs on the streets and sidewalks. If we stand up for other issues, why don’t we stand up for it?




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