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When happiness turns into sorrows!: Shakeel Phullan

It was a rainy weather and the sky was completely covered with clouds. I was enjoying the pleasant weather with my friend Ayaz. He was a brave boy.

“Oh dear Ayaz Jan! Now it is thundering and do you know I always feel fear when it thunders, let’s go inside.” I said to Ayaz.

“No Shakoo, let’s enjoy,” said Ayaz joyfully.

After a few minutes, it began to rain fast and we ran towards the room. “Yippee! Thank God for such an enjoyable rain. It has been long we waited for such a pleasant moment,” continued Ayaz while rejoicing. “My dear Shakoo come, we will go to the mountains to see the flowing water.”

“No, I cannot come. I am fearful of such cloudy and rainy weather.” I uttered fearfully.

“Nope! Don’t be afraid, it is really the right time to enjoy this hunky dory weather. We need not to miss such moments.” Ayaz said while trying hard to convince me.

We informed our parents for going outside, but they were not ready to let us go out in such a dangerous weather. Ayaz was not ready to listen either.

“Dear Ayaz Jan, whatever our parents say it, they say for our betterment and we need not to reject their words at all.” I explained to him.

We both friends were very much happy being together, playing, singing and doing naughtiness with each other at that evening. After few minutes we had reached to mountains in spite of parents’ objection, because he insisted and I could not reject him. We were enjoying with no fear, playing and throwing water on each other. When we went nearer to the river, suddenly, the water flowed higher and, while running back, Ayaz fell down in river.

I shouted loudly so that someone might hear my vociferations, but nobody heard me. I ran along the water. At last, I saw his dead body cornered by river. I couldn’t control my tears from flowing with the river.

Back home, I told the painful incident to Ayaz’s parents. They had lost their lovely son at that rainy weather. I still remember him and his company. Actually, we had rejected our elders’ advice, or else things could be wholly different.

Dear Ayaz Jan, I don’t know whether or not you hear me, but you have always been an eternal part in me. I miss you the most. I am entirely alone without you. Wherever you are, stay happy and smiling as you were. God bless!

The writer is a student of Law at University of Turbat and a part-time teacher at DELTA. He can be reached at