Saving the world from Air Pollution: Laal Muhammad

Air pollution means destroying the purity of air by things like smoke, harmful gases, chemicals and dust. In other words, when air contains harmful particles and gases, it is said to be polluted. However, air pollution gets into practice when forests are burnt or the air is polluted through dust, naturally or artificially. But mostly, because of human activities like, burning of fossil fuels, petroleum and natural gas, air is polluted. Whereas, half of the air pollution comes from cars and motor vehicles.

Air pollution has bad effects on the life on earth. It causes a number of diseases such as, cold, cough, disease of eyes, problems of lungs and heart. Similarly, the Ozone layer is also being dismantled because of air pollution.

According to some scientists, in the end of 1970, they observed that the layer which protects Ozone is near to destruction. All the blame goes to the compounds of CFCs because when chlorine is present with the compounds of CFCs then they react with the molecules of Ozone and change them into other compounds. Those compounds become the main cause of damaging the Ozone layer. In September 1980 in Antarctica, scientists had found a hole in Ozone layer, where we can find rarely living things but those all little bit of living things were badly damaged.

Cleaning cities and managing our surroundings are the only initiatives we should take to prevent our next generation from global warming which is majorly caused by air pollution. It is our world, let’s save it.



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