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Your struggles can change your fate: Shama Ghulam Hussain

“Mustafa beta, get up. It is almost six o’clock. You will be late for your school.” Said Mustafa’s mom in a loving voice.

“No, mom, I won’t go to school anymore now. Because in school everyone teases me due to my torn clothes and shoes,” he continued complaining. “From today I will work with dad and you for the betterment of my other four siblings.” he uttered with pain flowing from his eyes.

Mustafa grew up in poverty-stricken family with four siblings. They just had a small room to spend their days and nights. His father was a shopkeeper and mother worked in others’ houses to fulfill all their needs. Being the eldest son, he had to take care of his siblings. He was always sincere to his every work though life was so unfair with him.

He went to school everyday. He had been punished several times by his teachers when he had no materials of school which other students had. Because he had no money to buy all those stuff. His school was far because of which he took almost two hours to reach to his school everyday. By going on his feet for so long, his health was affected too.

Sometimes, when he remembered his school days, his heart started weeping. He often thought as to why life was so unpleasant and cruel with him. In school he was just a toy for other students. They always made fun of him whenever they saw his torn shoes as he couldn’t afford new ones.

Mustafa had never brought lunch box with him, neither was he able to bring fruits. Whereas, all other students ate delicious food and fresh fruits everyday. He always noticed that whole children came with their luxurious cars and school uniforms – except him. So, he decided to bury all his dreams deep in his heart and work for his siblings.

“I don’t want my other siblings to face the same situations which I faced. I will work from dawn to dusk to facilitate them with everything other children have.” He told his parents with tears in his eyes.

“But Beta, what about your own dreams which you saw for yourself? You wanted to clear CSS as you dreamed to be a Commissioner in future. Now, can you leave everything behind?” inquired his mom in a low tone.

“No, mom. Nothing will be left. Those dreams which I saw for the betterment of my family will definitely be fulfilled, but by my other siblings. I will guide and support them in every possible way and stand in front of their hardships like a mountain. In Shaa Allah, they will fulfill my dream soon.” Answered Mustafa with spark of hope in his eyes.

Next day, Mustafa woke up very early in the morning, took a shower, only one cup of black tea and, with empty stomach, went for the search of a job. He meandered here and there the whole day but could not find a job. He was hungry. He took out his wallet in the hope that he might had left some money; he had only 20 rupees left. He bought a bread from those 20 rupees and ate the bread, drunk a glass of water and thanked Allah for everything.

His search for a job was still continued. At a certain moment, he got very disappointed that he might not get a job to support his siblings, but he was still hopeful. That hope didn’t let him to give up. So, he decided to give another attempt. He went to a shop and asked for a job. Looking at Mustafa’s tired but desperate face, the owner gave him a job in his shop.

He was a hard-working and loyal boy who worked decently and honestly. The owner was very impressed to see his works. On the other hand, Mustafa was supporting his parents and siblings in every possible regard.

One of his brothers was also working very hard to fulfill his elder brother’s dream; to eradicate the root of poverty from their family. “Bhai, from tomorrow, Central Superior Service’s papers are starting.” Said Mustafa’s younger brother Javed.

“I believe your hard work will change your fate. You will be successful in your exam by the Grace of Allah.” Said Mustafa joyfully.

The next day, Javed got up early in the morning, offered his prayers, took his breakfast and, with the blessings of his parents and elder brother, went to examination center where his papers were being conducted. He had worked very hard for the papers. He put all his efforts in all the papers of CSS.

After the wait of almost eight months, his results were going to be announced in the coming week. The complete family was praying for Javed. He himself was very worried about his results.

The day of result came. Javed’s heart was beating very fast. Before Javed himself would see the list, his cellphone rang.

“Hello Javed, it’s Noman. Congratulations, you have cleared your CSS and topped in Balochistan.”

After listening to this good news, Javed burst into tears. But this time these were the tears of happiness. He hugged his elder brother Mustafa, because of whose endless sacrifices, he had become able to complete his dream. He thanked Allah the Almighty and his parents too. Their life completely changed. They had everything they wished for.

Actually, it is very much tough for a child to live in poverty. But, he can change his fate if he is truly willing. As Bill Gates says, “If you are born poor, it is not your mistake. But if you die poor, it is your mistake.” No matter how hard the circumstances get, we need to be determined and confident. Because when we struggle for achieving something then our struggle will change our fate, as it changed the conditions of Mustafa and his family. So, be positive and give your best, life will be different.



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