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“The Old Man and the Sea” teaches to never quit: Wali Mohammad

“The Old Man and the Sea” is written by Ernest Hemingway, which got published on 1,September 1952. This is a short, but very meaningful and interesting novel. It suggests its readers that giving up should never be an option. It further explains, no matter how many times you fail, continue your struggles and keep moving towards your dreams and destination; you will reach out someday, believes the author.

Given the character in the book, Santiago, who is old, was a fisherman. He had with him a little boy, who accompanied him to fishing. However, around three months had passed, but Santiago had caught no fish. Despite the fact that he used to be the best fisherman when young, he had gone weak. People had lost their belief on him looking at his fragile fishing.

One day, the old man sat in his boat in the open sea and thought about his past that how the best fisherman he was and what he had turned to back then; the worst fisherman of the town. He could barely catch a fish. But he had never lost his hope.

84 days had passed that he had not caught a fish. That day, he suddenly saw a very big fish and tried to catch it. Due to its big size, it was tough for the old man to catch it, but he did not quit on it. Finally, the old man succeeded to catch the fish.

Sadly, luck was not on his way that day. Sharks followed the fish which was caught by him. He tried his best to save the big fish from the sharks but could not, however, he had the bones of the very big fish which he sailed all way to the end.

When the other fishermen came near the sea the next morning, they were flabbergasted to see the efforts of the old man to catching such a big fish. They all once again praised the credibility of the old man in fishing.

From this book, I have learnt that we should never lose hope. There will always arise a spark of light when we do not quit to what we are very much committed to. Lastly, I suggest everyone to read this book because it motivates the readers a lot and suggests to never quit.



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