My Creative Teacher: Zaiwer Baqi

It is true that every successful student has a good person behind.Likely,Sir Zohaib Ahmed is my favorite teacher among all. He is the man who has changed not only me rather hundred of students.

He teaches us English language very honestly. Although he is our grammar teacher, but he also focuses on other activities too. For instance, every Monday, he gives his all students’ the chance to visit other classes for presentation and interview which is too interesting plus takes out the fear to speak up in front of strangers. Furthermore, on Tuesday,Thursday, and Saturday, he teaches us our grammar course. In our grammar course,he explains each and everything clearly.

However, on Friday, he teaches us about writing: how to develop paragraphs, essays to enable us to be great writers and essayists. Moving on, he gives us lecture about the importance of studying books.Concludingly, I would like to say that I really love my teacher because he teaches us more than our course and whenever we ask questions, he gives us satisfactory answers of the asked queries.




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