Losing of mangroves forest: Sadiq Raheem

Mangroves are a group of trees and shrubs found to the coastal zones and are collection of hlophtic tress. The Mangroves are very beneficial to the coastal environment which are known as the kidneys of coastal water. According to most of the fisherman, if there were no any mangroves forest, the sea would have no meaning.

The mangroves provide an essential habitat to thousands of species and give a new world to them by providing shelter to migratory birds. They filter the nutrients of water and improve the water quality and make a very strong protection to the coastal erosion. According to the EPA, the world has lost its 3rd of mangroves forest in last 50 years which is a very big and a dangerous loss of the entire world.

Pakistan has 0.6 million hectares of mangrove forest which is 10th largest in the world and is located to Sindh and Balochistan. If we talk about Balochistan coast it is having several forests of mangroves which are also the beauty of Makran coast but this beauty is being lost because of the harmful impacts of the atmosphere and the over use of boats and plastic shoppers. Another way of losing the mangrove forest is the increasing population in coastal belt which is harvesting these forest for their daily activities. Pakistan’s coastal communities are mostly connected to the fishery and agriculture

We can’t bring the mangroves which we have lost before but we can protect the ones which are left now and can plant new to make the oceans safe from the Tsunamis and the erosion of the cost. We need to change the negative impact to positive with plantation of new mangrove forests which can be a key to stop climate change and protect the coastal belt.



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