Sexual violence in our society: Samah Naeem

Sexual violence means any sexual act targeting a person’s sexuality. Sexual violence in our society is being an unabated issue.

The offence of sexual violence is needed to be addressed very seriously. Pakistan ranks among the worst countries for women according to Women Peace and Security Index 2019/20. Official statistics in pakistan reveals that at least 11 cases of sexual assault occurs in the country every day.

A pakistani lawmaker has claimed that 82% of perpetrators are family members of victims. They may be grandfathers, uncles and even may be brothers and fathers. Most of such cases are reported in Punjab ,Sindh and Balochistan. However, victims do no report to police in most of the cases.

According to Punjab police more than 328,00 cases of sexual assault were reported in different areas of Punjab in last eight months. However,in 135 reported cases, family members were found involved. Protests were also held in lahore against offenders of sexual violence.

The point of concern is that when girls feel unsafe at their homes then how will they feel safe in their society. Finally, to address this curse, government and social society organizations have to come in action and this issue at their earliest.




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