Ignoring Balochistan builds sense of deprivation: Nasir Fazal

The Constitution of Pakistan, which is the heart of Pakistan, renders fundamental rights and freedom like Freedom of speech, freedom of words and freedom to live to all the citizens. It states that every citizen shall have the right to freedom of speech and there shall be freedom of press too. But, things are opposite in practical. In Balochistan, when students come out to protest for their rights, which is also a basic right, they are threatened, abducted and killed.

The students of Balochistan Medical College (BMC) came out for protest against the online classes then Dr. Mahrang Baloch was caught by police. It is so disgusting looking at interference of police in protests, which is an unfair interference towards the fundamental right to protest for the citizens vested by the Constitution. Very sadly, none of the governmental officials in Balochistan have concerned and recognized this disaster as they do not seem interested towards students and their rights.

Looking at the heartbreaking scenerio, some questions arise: should we sit at homes and keep quiet whatever the government will be supposed to do with us? Don’t we have the right to go against the policies which are misleading us? It seems like fundamental rights are not for Baloch people. If not, why don’t they make it visible in the Constitution like ‘not mandatory for people of Balochistan’? Whether one speaks the truth or stay silent, they are threated.

To a great misfortune, people of Balochistan are deprived from all the aspects of day to day life. As a citizen of Balochistan, we are deprived of rights to speech, freedom of expression and thought. In fact, we are kept away from a good education. The best part of democratic countries is, citizens are open to criticism, but we do not have this right of criticism in shape of protests. Balochistan’s public is away from social, civil, economic, cultural, and democratic rights too.

Balochistan is the largest territory of Pakistan and the richest portion too. It contributes so much to the national interests, but very unfortunately, it gets nothing much in return. Federal and provincial governments ought to think of it and provide Balochistan with all the basic amenities and all rights must be ensured as per the constitution of Pakistan.




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