Eradicating corruption from educational institutions: Farahnaz Baloch

It goes without saying that every stuff in our country is trapped with corruption. Every sector, for instance agricultural, industrial, healthcare, including education sectors are all involved in reckless corruption. It will not be wrong to narrate that corruption is one of the main reasons that our education system is poor. Shockingly, Pakistan and India together got freedom from whites and got a separate homeland but still today estimations say that India has crossed Pakistan in educational sector since India does less corruption in educational aspects. Nonetheless, if certain steps are taken against corruption in educational sector, our country can succeed to oust corruption which has ruined our education.

Firstly, the government should pay attention to education sector and make strict rules for it so that no one practices corruption. Secondly, the administrations of the schools need to be corruption-free. Thirdly, the teachers should fullfill their duties with responsibility.

There is no denying the fact that from a leader to a peon is corrupt in Pakistan. The government with the greed of getting more and more money for itself, it does not invest in educational realm. The expenditures for educational institutions are very less, which is why many schools cannot get enough facilities.

Awfully, it is the corruption done by the government that ruins institutions.The greed of money destroys the lives of innocent students. It is due to the corrupt ministers and leaders that play with the future of the youths. For ousting corruption from educational institutions, firstly, the leaders should be free from corruption.

The administration of institutions are mostly not honest. They even occupy the very bit amount of funds that government provides them for the institutions. Instead of building a better infrastructure and providing other facilities to the institutions, the administration puts all money in their pockets.

Apart from this, the principles of the institutions cannot be seen in the institutions for long time. For eradicating corruption from educational institutions, the administrations should be honest and play its part honestly for progressing the institutions.

Corruption in institutions is also done by the teachers a lot. It is very common for teachers being absent. Many are absent from the starting of the year till end but they take their full salaries without teaching and making an effort. The innocent students remain deprived from lectures and studies and for exams they have to join tutions. The teachers should be giving their duties in the best possible ways in order to finish corruption from educational institutions and provide best education to the current generation.

There is an urgent need to end corruption, at least, from educational world so as to improve the quality of our education. For eradicating corruption from the educational institutions, the government, administration and teachers have to be free themselves from corruption and work responsibly and honestly.



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