Contribution of technology in education: Meer Ismail Marri

Technology plays a vital role in our daily lives. It has made our lives effortless in numerous ways. For instance, we can communicate with others across the country while sitting at home, by using technology. It saves our time as well as energy. Moreover, it is helping us in the field of education in a great way.

Technology has made the life of a student extremely easy. In addition, students can get knowledge from internet about there academic activities. Furthermore, many students take online classes while sitting at their homes. Educational institutions would have been disturbed during the a Covid-19 pandemic, if there were no technology; however,because of it,we were able to carry on our studies while taking online classes and online examinations.

Transportation is the other thing which has made the life of a student smooth  to get education. Once students had to walk for hours by their foot to reach their institutions.They had to waste time as well as their energy in order to get education. Most of them had to miss their classes due to lack of technology. However, now students travel for miles  in just few minutes while taking school buses and their own resources of travelling.As a result, they save their time as well as energy.

Some online applications are beneficial in the field of education. Many students as well as many teachers download PDF books from internet rather than purchasing them, because the original books are very expensive to buy. Although,  some of them buy them while sitting at home by using some applications such as Daraz,Amazon etc. Most of the students use Dictionaries of other languages in order to search the meanings of words.

It has been demonstrated that technology has helped us in numerical ways in the field of education. It has made our lives more comfortable in every aspect of life.



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