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Mahganj’s unfulfilled dreams: Zareef Baloch

Mahganj’s fault was, wanted to be a leaden wall against social and societal attitudes. She not only spoke out against the forced underage marriage of girls by trampling on the ancient and stereotypical customs of the village while, she also tried to persuade the elders of her village that underage marriage will not only deprive girls of their dreams of getting an education, hence, also affect their personal lives by becoming mother at an early age.

She kept on saying that girls were not just born as machinery to produce children as a sexual toy and as well housewife. They also have the right to live according to their will and intention within a society. She was working to educate the girls in her village by tutoring the girls of her village for free to reach her destination. Her dreams remained unfulfilled when her parents arranged her marriage to an illiterate and double aged former of village without asking her permission.

Mahganj,s who dreamed of reforming the society, was shouting today at her parents’ decision that I should study and not get married.
After topping her district in matriculation, Mahganj wanted to study in the standard medical college in the city, but her parents arranged her relationship with an illiterate man and fixed the date of marriage.
The relative of boy had come to the house of Mahganj’s parents today for fixing the date of marriage.

Fifteen-years old Mahganj was shouting against the social attitudes and decisions that were being imposed on her without asking her. Hence, Mahganj did not know that even family member decides to live in this oppressive society still, Mahganj was refusing to accept her parent’s decision. She wanted to study her unfulfilled dream of becoming a doctor. She did not know that trampling on the principles of the village was not his business? she did not know that underage marriage was now the norm here.
All the dreams of Mahganj had been shattered. Today when I saw her in the hospital, I was surprised to see her emaciated body, she came to the hospital for treatment of her youngest child.

After early age marriage, she was now mother of two children. Seeing me, she just kept quiet, saying that whenever you would a chance, try to write that due to early marriage, hundreds of girls become brides at an underage, longing for an unfulfilled dream of education. After saying OK, I left the main gate of the hospital because I was go to an important seminar and seminar was being held on “early marriage and its negative impact” and the seminar chief guest was the mahganj’s brother.




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