My village academy: Zaiwer Baqi

Recently, I have visited my hometown in Mashkey which is in district Awaran.When I arrived in my village, I got very surprised! Because my cousin told me that, ” do you know, there is a private academy for students in Gajjar city” where students are being taught very honestly and getting well educated.It names by “Galaxy Academy” that is situation near U–Phone tower.

Unfortunately, I didn’t visit this academy, but I got some information by him.Accourding to him, there are four male, one female teachers, and almost 200 students and this academy you can find only five rooms.All teachers and students are very intelligent and hard-working, the students are punctual of there rule and regulation.

They respect the girls and there teachers because there is coeducation system.
Furthermore, he said teachers are studying there students morning and evening due to less room and teachers.At noon and in the evening; First shift is for nursery to 5th and second shift is for 6th to 10th.An interesting thing is that, they teach 2 half hours only for 500 hundred and there is no off in any day either on Sunday.These students are called the real heroes.
As he said, there is a kind man named by Iqbal Sajidi who cooperated 5000 for this academy because these academy were lacking of many facilities and still has been facing because most of poor students getting there educated and those students have little money who are getting education out of there village like Hub, Kuzdar, Quetta, and, Karachi.

I really appreciate of this academy teachers who are giving good education many poor children.As it’s the first private academy in my hometown, but I wish if there were girls separate class like my own centre Student of intensive teaching ( S.I.T) because there are many parents who do not allow there girls study with boys.

Mashkey Awaran.



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