How to better focus on reading?: Aqsa Haider

“Reading is to the mind what exercises to the body”.

The reading of books is one of the delightful and life-giving pleasures that a man can have. However, there are many people who can not focus on reading. Focus is essential part which takes us to become speedy readers, if you can learn how to better focus, you will not only read faster but also will do it so well that you have never imagined. In other words, learning to focus better will also help you become more productive in your professional or academic career. There are some tips to improve your focus while reading.

Firstly, whenever you go for reading, try not to use any gadget and on the contrary if you have a smartphone, put it in another room because its distractions and interruptions create disturbances while we are reading and as a result we immediately lose our focus. Ironically, it might take your brain a few minutes to adjust not having your phone but believe me it is worth powering through the initial battle and it is not good to be depended on something. According to an American survey of adults say that smartphone is impeding our ability to focus on books, we constantly switch apps when we get notifications and we directly drop out what were we doing and check it out.These habits are spoiling our concentration and making it difficult for us to focus on reading the tasks.

Secondly, mind your environment, always look up around you, where are you reading? How you find out a place where you could avoid the distractions while reading? By modifying your environment is one of the best ways to develop your focus. Always try to read in the same spot every time so that your brain knows it is a productive place and it should be a quiet location which you ideally reserve for reading.

Thirdly, distraction are always present while you are reading. If you manage all the things or put your phone on a side but our own mind can be the biggest source of distractions during the reading process that’s why we suddenly remember assignments, important works and so on. Always try to maintain a distraction list while reading it will recognize the important things that lie on the surface of your knowledge. Writing them down to make sure not to lose self control, it will let you refocus on the task at hand. It will also help you block out distracting thoughts while reading. Furthermore, grab a pen or highlighter by this you can consume information passively and actively. Always read with a highlighter and pen in your hands then you can easily notch up the points. When you once finish the book, second time go for re-reading the highlighted parts by this you can really find the important points. The purpose for highlighting is to draw yourvattention to important points. According to a research that highlighting creates attention to an individual mind that a rough reading could not create.

Lastly, when you realized that your focus is wavering and your focus is not limitless in which you can not improve your attention then stop it for some passage of time until it starts again wavering. It ften happens with everyone. From now, you should notice on your focus and do something relatively mindless. Whether it is cleaning the house or watching people around you then you will effectively recharge your attention and your focus will be reset and return to book with a fresh mind.

Being unable to focus makes your reading miserable, slow and inconsiderable. By learning how to focus on reading, you will read more and get more. Apply these tips to become a critical reader.

“Becoming more productive is not about time management, it’s about attention management”. Chris Bailey




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