Self-motivation; Hurdles and Ease: Zohaib Ahmed

I can’t do; He is better than me; I have no such skills; teacher favors him: blah blah blah! I know, we all are familiar to this and most of us rely on the stated statements; ones they are failed to achieve their goals and ambitions they wished for. This is not because one has no talent and cannot do what he wants; this is because he does not know what he can actually do. Most of the students are likely to be in the phobia of being lower and not better than others. This is not true, it’s only a fear; I can say that it’s even not a real one. Every person must understand that he or she is not less than his counterpart: students or colleague. There are few reasons why most of the students feel down and become the hunt of inferiority complex. They should consider the following elements that demotivate them, and the following factors by which they can reconstruct their confidence and achieve what they really wish for.

Hurdles of self-motivation:

There are several obstacles in one’s mind that are proved to be the reasons of inferiority complex or timorous. These hurdles are as under:

1) Lack of confidence: One of the worst hindrances in the way to be motivated is lack of confidence. Most of us have many of the past experiences that went wrong and developed negative perceptions. These negative perceptions craft an unclear line of illusion; people start thinking baseless thoughts and anxiety which leads to the lack of confidence. Once a person lacks confidence, he loses his entire temperament and feels bogus.

2) Uncertain or Unclear direction: Another factor that leads to demotivation is lack of direction. As a business graduate, I can reckon that proper strategy needs accurate planning: a good plan heads to a better attainment of goal. A plan can only be executed when the direction (goal) is clear and certain. But most of the individuals are dearth of accurate direction. In complicated matters, one loses focus by poor strategy to achieve a goal. This takes him on the chin to misery and disheartening. As a result, he loses his confidence.

3) Finding faults in others: In addition to it, the way of self-motivation is barred by blame game. Occasionally, human never wants to be wrong whether he is mistaken or not. He always finds a way to present an excuse and sets himself free from the error he has made. The most practical source is blaming others for the faults one has made himself. For instance, a student fails to acquire good grades, he starts blaming his course in-charge for the poor performance or nepotism although he should alter his indolent and can work harder to get good grades. Resultantly, blaming is easier than correcting one’s self which heads to failure.

4) Time mismanagement: The most essential part of getting any work done is time management. It is considered a key to success in all spheres of life. If one does not care the time, he loses his focus by thinking having enough time in spare. Due to time negligence, individuals get distracted and find themselves under great pressure when they are failed to complete their tasks and assignments on time. Time management is must to complete a task, releasing pressure and completing works in time.

Steps to develop self-motivation:

1) Maintain self-confidence: The very first stage to develop motivational level is to believe in own self. Until or unless one leaks his belief and always says ‘I CAN’T’, he will never achieve what he wishes for. First of all, one should visualize himself that what he wants and wishes to be. Then make a realistic plan that is achievable and executable with a schedule which to be followed strictly. Be flexible and give yourself some room to adjust in a new routine. Be mentally ready for the worst cases and believe in own self that you can do it. As Muhammad Ali Jinnah said, “Expect the Best, Prepare for The Worst.”

2) Persistence: The next level is to show persistency. Persistency is a degree to which one carries out his work even though it is difficult. This ability counts the most because there are many tasks that we start with full of courage and determination but soon we lose interest in them, and the tasks remain incomplete. This behavior does not go with one who wants to be successful in life. The importance of persistency has been defined by Calvin Coolidge: “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On! Has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”

3) Overcoming Procrastination: Procrastination is a process of putting off intentionally or habitually. This is a self-selected hindrance of the man. Most of the time, we lose because we don’t want to win; this is because we are lazy or we don’t want. Unless one becomes proactive, he will never win his own. Being active and consistently following the time table, even if a person does not want to perform. Remembering the goals those have been set to achieve can push one to work.

On the whole, motivation is a will to survive; it’s a strong desire to achieve something by working hard to acquire the goal. In the way to be motivated some hindrances like lack of confidence and direction including blaming others and mismanagement of the most vital time, put man on back-foot and make him feel down. However, the self-demotivation can be converted into the self-motivation by not being lazy and sticking with the planned schedule and the maintenance of the confidence level. The day is not far when you are counted in successful man on the face of the Earth, only try it at once.

The writer is a visiting faculty at the Govt. Degree College Hub, and an instructor at the School of Intensive Teaching (S.I.T) Hub.