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“The Final Journey” instills thoughts of hereafter: Bakhtawar Rakshani

“Death is the greatest teacher, but man lives out his life as if there was no such thing awaiting for him at the end of life’s journey.” [One of the shattering lines from the book ‘The Final Journey’].

I have heard a lot about Maulana Wahiduddin Khan from my teacher that how his words have a magnetic power to catch the readers’ attention towards his perception about Islam. Finally, I got a chance to explore one of his books.

“The Final Journey” is written by the Indian Islamic scholar and peace activist, Maulana Wahiduddin Khan. He has Penned up a commentary on holy Quran along with translation into contemporary English. He enumerated in most influential muslims in the world and has been awarded by prestigious awards like Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan.

Throughout the book, writer leads readers towards various stories of different personalities. While some are at the peak of success, others are obliviously engrossed in building their world of desires pretending to be oblivious that the final climax is only death, which opens up the door to the next world.

The main purpose of the writer is to show the readers the absolute reality of this temporary world, which can inevitably come to annihilation anytime. Then comes the eternal world: a world of salvation from all troubles, a world of unprecedented bounties, and a world where oppressed will be superior than oppressor. A world which never comes to an end.

However, in order to get the ticket for the world of eternity, one must not be bereft hand. If one is, then there is only formidable retribution for him.

“Life is from lights to darkness
From everything to nothing.” One of my favourite lines from this masterpiece.

Unfortunately, today’s man is extremely busy in this worldly life that he has forgotten something bigger, greater, and superior is awaiting for him. But if he passes the test, he will have been given so.

While reading the book, some questions relentlessly occupied my mind: ”Do I have some preparation for the next world? Will I not be bereft hands once I reach towards my final journey? How will I justify my misdeeds before my Creature Who is more closer to me than anything else?”

Questions for readers that can come over while going through this book. What I learnt from this inspiring book is that the most certain thing about life is that it is extremely uncertain that one cannot assume what has been stored for him in the next moment.

It is a book for those who are totally engrossed in this worldly life and have no preparation for the final journey. A journey which can take one to eternal peace or complete destruction.



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