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“The silent patient” is an interesting story of love and betrayal: Parvez Mayar

I have not read so many of books but when I started reading this book “The Silent Patient” by Alex Michaelides, I thought to have my words on it. I felt deep into its emotional and magical suspense, once I was into it.

“The Silent Patient” is the story of a sudden and unexpected murder. A psychotherapist tries to unlock the secret, which leads to another suspense of his own thoughts and emotions of betrayal and unfair life. Instead of investigating the crime of criminal, ‘The silent patient investigates the mind of the criminal and the therapist.

To be very honest, there is nothing about not loving the debut psychological thriller of ‘Alex Michaelides’.

“I love Gabriel so much. He is, without any doubt, the love of my life. I love him completely. No matter how messy he will be, I will never leave him. Only death can do us apart,” the words of Alicia.

Everything was perfect in Alicia’s life who was a famous painter, and her husband Gabriel, a fashion photographer; a big house and a very happy life, that every one wishes to have. But one day, Gabriel returns home late at night and Alicia shoots him five times in the head and never speaks a single word after that.

Alicia refuses to take a tragedy into an interesting and emotional mystery. “The silent patient” was sent to a forensic unit (Grove). Theo Faber, a criminal psychotherapist, had been waiting for the opportunity to work on Alicia to make her talk and reveal the truth behind her silence and the murder of her most loved person, which took him into a twisting mystery of his own life. He tried every possible way to make Alicia talk but she remained silent. Theo tried to find out about Alicia’s life; he found out about the death of her mother in a car accident, which Alicia thought was an attempted murder. Because she was also in the car. And how her father’s words killed her inside. When she was 10, her father used to say that instead of her mother, Alicia should have died, which led her to a deep emotional death. May be she saw her father in her husband… who knows?

Here, Theo Faber said how he was imprisoned in his home, life like hell, and how he got betrayed by his wife – the person he loved the most. He used to follow his wife and found that he was cheating on him and was with someone else. Theo felt that he had nothing left so he wanted to kill that man. He started following his wife Katy’s lover, and reached to his house where the man arrived. His wife was already waiting for him. Theo watched from window, and thought this woman was also being cheated.

This book teaches multiple lessons. It was how I got my interest towards the story of “The Silent Patient” and I will definitely suggest you to go and fetch this book up. It won’t leave you disappointed.



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