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The Canterville Ghost: Zaiwer Baqi

This book is written by Oscar Wild. It is a very interesting story book that I like the most.
The Ghost is a man who is known as Sir. Simon of Canterville. Sir.Simon had killed his wife and his wife’s brother gave him the punishment of making him caged in a dark room without any food and within some days he had died because of hunger and his soul has become a ghost and does not welcome anyone for settlement in the house.

One day a man named Mr. Oits bought the Canterville house even though the owner Lord had told him about the ghost and yet he agreed and shifted with his family. In the beginning, the ghost tried many awful and terrible things although they were not scared of him. Meanwhile, the ghost had not come for some days and Otis family thought he had gone now, but another day Otis daughter Virginia saw the ghost very unhappy in the room. She said to the ghost that if you will be kind to my family than nobody would annoy you.y. “I am not an evil person and I have not been sleeping for three hundred years,” said the Ghost. He also told his story and said that he wishes to sleep in the garden and that is the reason for being here. If you open the garden’s gate than I will never come back again.Virginia was a very kind girl and she helped the Ghost.

At least, Virginia opened the gate and the Ghost disappeared behind the well.Than Virginia came back to her family and told them that she was with the Ghost and he is no more now. Do you know Virginia never told anyone what had happened and that she was with the Ghost.

I recommend the people and students should read this story. It is very an amazing and fascinating story.I have also shared this story with my family but my mother asked me that is it a true story.



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