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Lord does miracles; a tribute to my late grandmother: Tilyan Aslam

No doubt, the entire universe is under His command – from birth to death, from rages to riches, from no one to someone, all are under the command of the mighty God. Let me tell you all, my readers, a story which will prove that yes, God does miracles. And the Mighty God (Lord) has done it to me as well.

My late grandmother was technically an orphan. Her mom died when she was only seven. Her father disowned her at the same time. She had no brothers and sisters of her own. Her properties were denied to her. A soul without a source of living. A soul all alone under the blue sky, a little girl without any family, without any financial or any other support. A minor kid without any shelter, a little girl without anything of her own on the earth.

In the given circumstances, enters the mighty God in her life. The Lord of the lords, the King of the kings. Here comes the mighty Protector of rich and poor, the Creator of all. It was a miracle in itself that a helpless and hopeless kid was taken by a woman she had never seen before. Here mighty Lord defines every law of nature just to raise a minor kid known to none and cared by none.

Here God has shown us all that: “Yes, I do miracles, I raise people wherever and in whatever situation I want to.”

“I do miracles to take a person from rages to riches. I do miracles to take an orphan to the epitome of human nature.”

God is beyond these all. He is in numerous invisible roles for the human beings.

The lady took the girl with her and cared for her very well; made her learn Quran-e-Kareem; worked like a man to avoid begging. For the kid, she was her mom – she got the care she needed for many years.

It looked like she got the love she had longed for, but denied by people – the affection she had been searching but never tasted. For her, it was a new, a very new world. The lady was a mom and a father, a brother and a friend, a caretaker and a confidant, everything for her. All in all, she was all to that kid and for her everything on earth started and ended with that lady. The lady defined every law/rule of society. She had done physical labor for her as well.

On the other side, the miracle of God was in full swing. The small kid was being taken a good care by God through a lady. A kid without a rupee being raised and then came a day, when the same girl married. But the story of her miseries did not end here.

Moreover, she was always treated as an outsider by her husband’s family. She was pushed to the wall by them. But by then she was mature enough to ignore these things happening to her. She was prepared to fight for it in her ways. She was waiting to fight for it another day. She was calm and composed in her outlook. For others, it was normal to fret her bad, but for her it was learning and experiencing.

However, the same orphan kid without any support on earth except the Mighty God, ended up in Aga Khan Hospital. She ended up with a family standing by her. The respect, she got, was unprecedented. The single soul was loved and respected by unknown to her, the affection people had to her was seen on her funeral, on her bier, on her last entreaty. It was like a monarch (without a territory) died.

She was always fighting through her own ways; her own composed manner without shouting a word, without being harsh, without being stubborn, without being revengeful. Though, revenge was an ugly word, but for some it is the only way to get healed. To her the best revenge was to forget and move on. For 72 long years, she was Fatima only; nothing less and nothing more. I love her to be called a wolf who never attacked until her pack (kids) were attacked. The girl started with nothing, ended up with 8 kids and many grand kids (including me).

The lady who stated without a rupee, but visited the house of God (Khaana-e-Khaba) four times. The kid, without a shelter, ended up with a huge building of her own. The helpless kid who used to roam with the lady on her shoulder, was taken to grave by hundreds. The kid who started as no one, ended up as “maathi” (grandmother) for people known and unknown to her. The story has multiple sides. The story is personal to me; the story has emotional attachment to me. The kid and the lady are my best memories.

The lady passed away at the age of 90 plus. But one thing a great lady, she was, “the benchmark of loyalty.”

Thus, was that the greatness of God? Giving all to a kid known to none. Thank you mighty Lord! You do miracles for sure. For 72 years it was all Your sovereignty only, otherwise, how come someone disowned by everyone ends up with this pomp and show?

Love you my superwoman.



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