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A night walker: Abdul Salam

It was a Summer night I was about to sleep and that night we were sleeping in front of our house. When I went to my bed I was about to sleep early because tomorrow I had to go to school. Then I decided to sleep I saw my younger brother “Maktoom” he woke up from his bed, his eyes closed and he began walking around our kitchen.

I became shocked where he was going? What is he going to do? I kept noticing him and my eyes were not ready to close for sleep and on the contrary all the other members of our family were sleeping except my brother, the dark night and I. When he started walking through the kitchen I also did not keep my heart satisfactory, I fellowed him he went to open the door and directly went to fridge undoubtedly, but his eyes were closed.

It has been ten hours since my mother had put some eating and drinking items in the fridge. He took out an ice cream and started eating it. He ate it and again went to bed. But his eye were still closed and didn’t see me while I was following him. When he went I also close my eyes and slept.
Early morning I got up, offered salah and recited Holy Quran and then went to my brother and said to him that go to mirror and see your face what is there on your face. He did not trust me and told me that I was making fun of him and went to mother in the kitchen whether he has something in his face or not.

“Oh, my God! Maktoom your face is full of cream,” exclaimed mom surprisingly. Maktoom did not believe that really he had cream on his face and went to the mirror and saw the cream on his face and asked me that how this really happenned. I told him all the story and he did not believe me. There are many people who walk at night unknowingly.

Whenever you would see your siblings night walking don’t just disturb and bully them just because it is extremely bad for them.

The writer is a student of DELTA.



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