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The silent patient: Hammal Naeem

The author of the book is Alex Michaelides.Michaelides was born in Cyprus to a Greek father and English mother. He studied English literature at Cambridge University.He has also studied psychotherapy for three years, and worked for two years at a secure unit for young adults.
Michaelides’ debut novel, the silent patient  was New York Times Bestseller of Hardcover Fiction in its first week ,and was the bestselling hardback debut in the US for 2019. Additionally,the book was a
Sunday Times top 10 bestseller for seven weeks.Moreover,on , it was the #2 most sold for 2019 in their list of Most Sold Books in fiction plus named as their number one thriller of 2019.
The book begins with Alicia Berenson, a famous painter, is held guilty for the murder of her husband, photographer Gabriel Berenson. The police reach to their home and arrest Alicia.She gets mute and never speaks a single word afterwards the incident. She gets admitted to a secure forensic unit called the Grove. Theo Faber, a physiotherapist, applies and gets the case.
Theo starts therapy to make her speak. He meets his cousin to know all about her childhood including her entire passed life.This is how he traces her every close one in order to solve out the mystery.Finally, she gives him her handwritten diary where she has mentioned what had actually happened. She mentions a masked man entering in their house and murdering Gabriel.
He understands that Alicia had recognized her.Thinking that she must not inform anyone, he decides to kill her by giving a overdose;however, she manages to write on her diary that Theo’s wife had affair with Gabriel which is why he entered in our house and put Gabriel on gunpoint and demanded to kill only one among us.She comes to know that Gabriel does not love her when he choices Alicia to be murdered. Theo,after showing the true picture of her husband, leaves  the house.She shots Gabriel after that.Police get her diary and arrest Theo.Concludingly, he gets caught.
The book is a very great read which gives food for thoughts.The author has used incredible expression which makes the book even more interesting to study.It puts you in suspense till its last few pages when you actually come to know the mysterious assassination.
 On the other hand, it sharpens your imagination by making you guess who the killer is.When you begin studying the book , you would not wish to put it down as it takes you to the another world of imagination. The books defines the power of English literature in its each page.
Continuing it further, the book engross its readers more towards it in each page which is why when you begin studying it, you would not put it down till knowing what had actually taken place.
Concludingly, I suggest everyone to have a read of this amazing physiological fiction book which is not only interesting rather tell you the art of writing.It has to be in every hand where  people should know how excellently the writer has managed to elaborate the complete story.
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