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“Success Habits” and be successful: Hanif Pullan Kassaki

“Success Habits” written by Napoleon Hill. He is also the writer of the best-selling book “Think and Grow Rich”.

In his book “Success Habits”, the writer is trying to make us able to convert our failure into success by changing over attitude toward achievement something. In the first chapter, Napoleon keenly discussed about the purpose. He mentioned that a low target purpose will provide you a lower achievement but instead of fixing a small purpose, people supposed to create massive purpose with extreme level of commitment.

Furthermore, in second chapter of Hill’s book, he tells us about the accurate thinking. To regard accurate thinking, the writer discussed that after targeting a massive purpose, you have to be an accurate thinker. As a Japanese proverb says, “Action without planning is a daydream, planning without action is a nightmare.”

In another chapter [self discipline], we will get very unique ideas about the power of self discipline. Self discipline is a key to open the lock of success. Bringing the self discipline in our lives is very important, because it will make us ensure about the drawbacks and failures.

Pleasing personality is a very special chapter in this book, which will provide you high level of knowledge about pleasing our self personality. According to Napoleon Hill, pleasing personality will create a charming echo system for you. A charming face usually ensures the others about your intentions and will increase the others to believe on you.

I am talking about pleasing personality.which is a very interesting subject for the process of success. For instance if a businessman is treating his customer with a pleasing manner, it will create a worthy effect on his business, because it is human behavior which loves respect and attention.

Having a pleasing personality paves the different paths of success and boost you toward incurable achievements. Always keep good and pleasing personality and sight the world will positive point of views.

Faith is also a key factor for achieving goals and purpose. If a person has a clean faith and a unique vision, then no doubt that he will become a successful person. Faith uncourages and moves you on to working hard and fighting until you get your targets or missions. Each day think about the success and work harder faithfully.

To conclude, in this book, I have gotten some special habits of success. Before to start working hard, learn to be master of some habits, like having a purpose, accurate thinking, applying faith, self discipline, pleasing personality etc.

These habits will boost your level of thinking and method of working. As a student I can apply all of these ideas in my life, which will be very helpful for my career and my lifetime achievements.




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