Social media dilemma: Bakhtawar Rakhshani

Social media, undoubtedly, has become a pivotal instrument in today’s modern world.

An estimated 37 million people are active on social media in Pakistan and social media penetration stood at 17% in January 2020. In fact, our life revolves around it nowadays. However, one can not demy about the hazardous effects of using these platforms on educational life of a student.

Over the past few years, the popularity of social media among the students has gained immense attention. One can find every next student using socialising applications like: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Tiktok and so on.

The real dilemma is that due to excessive usage of these socialising platforms, students’ educational life is being disturb at a great deal. Students consume most of their time scrolling through these social platforms and are being less interested in their education.

The presence of social media has put various hurdles in a student’s lives.They are getting mentally disturb and are unable to focus on their studies. Feeling of depression, anxiety, and fatigue  is what extra usage of social media causes in a person.

Tiktok, one of the famous video-sharing applications at the time. Approximately, 20 million people in Pakistan are active on this application. The content shared by users through this application is all about vulgar songs and dance videos or illogical memes. One can not find anything informative on this application . Students waste their maximum time watching these useless videos and lose their energy as well as  mental peace.

If we are concern about our youth and their educational life, we must prohibit them to be involved with social media as less as they can. There should be a certain age for students to be allowed stepping in digital world.

All in all, parents should also play their pivotal role in addressing their children about the negative effects of social media. It is the responsibility of parents that they must keep an eye on their child’s daily routine. They should also check their cellphone’s screen time and applications they are signed in. It is only parents who can make them learn that how to use social media in productive manners.

Hub, Balochistan



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